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Cancer is a devastating and frightening fact of life. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, you are likely to have numerous questions. Many of these questions can be answered by a healthcare professional, but in some cases, you might want real stories about cancer from those who have survived the disease. That’s why we at have compiled a list of informative and inspirational cancer-related blogs and websites. Getting answers can help those suffering with cancer summon the courage to make that next step toward recovery.

Chemo Babe
This blog proclaims "You feel like hell. You don't have to look like it." Chemo Babe is an altnerate persona who "has enough spunk and edge to get smacked down by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and stand back up ready to fight some more. A persona who the cancer could not touch. Somebody who could say that cancer is horrible and talk back bluntly to the euphemistic ways people skirt that horror in everyday conversations." Find inspiration in this persona and get information about diagnosis and treatment. Recent posts include Being Our Selves, Invitation, and A Plague, Revisited.

Jaylong Fong
Jaylong was 8 years old when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. He is now 11 years old and has been in remission for 3 years. Follow along with his journey on this blog. Some recent posts include Bone Marrow Aspiration, Spinal Tap, and Chemo, 1 Suspicious Cell, and The Final Lap - Year Three.

WTF? for Lung Cancer
This blogger wants to know "where's the funding" for lung cancer. Her mother, a non-smoker, was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, and she wants to raise awareness about the disease for others. " Out with political correctness. Its time to bring attention to the THE #1 cancer killer in the U.S and the LEAST funded." Some recent posts include TMI: Personal Details about Cancer Patients You Don't Want to Hear, Caught on Tape: Cancer Community Sends Bold, SURPRISE Tie Dye Statement, and More than 500 Personal Stories. One Message: Congress , Make Lung Cancer Matter!

My Big Girl Pants
This blog talks about "life, love, and hope in the face of metastatic breast cancer." Bridget was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer five years ago at the age of 21. Her blog shares her experiences and her insights in battling the disease. Some recent posts include My Blog of Thanks Giving, What to Expect When You're Recurring, and A Huge Blow.

I've Still Got Both My Nuts
This "superman cancer slayer blog" chronicles the experiences of Benjamin Rubenstein, who survived cancer at 16 and 19 years old. He also wrote a memoir about his experiences and travels the country giving motivational speeches. Some recent blog posts include What If: The Beginning, Socks ... Seriously, and Freebies.

Cancer is so Funny!
Take a look at the lighter side of cancer with these funny cartoons from a cancer survivor. Some recent toons include How 'Are' You?, Cancer is SO Barbie! and Scan the Man.

My Breast Cancer Blog
The author of this blog was diagnosed in 2004 at the age of 34, and this blog shares her experiences. Some recent posts include Surviving Cancer Not So Simple, Live and Learn, MRI Style, and Mastectomy - Do It? Or Too Drastic?

Lucy's Noid Blog
Lucy suffers from carcinoid cancer and is continuing to undergo treatment and to try to make holistic changes. Read about her experiences here, and participate in discussions about cancer treatment and health care. Some recent posts include Is it Fatigue or Am I Just Tired? Big Pharma Exporting More U.S. Jobs, and Travel With and Without Medication.

Jim Allen - Lung Cancer Happens and We Live On
"Blog about my life and experiences after learning that I have stage IV lung cancer in April, 2007. Includes travel experiences, treatments and status info, as well as other misc comments. I have also started to add few ramblings about the stages of my life before now." Some recent posts include Novalis Radiosurgery, Darn - On to the Next Procedure, and MRI Follow Up.

This blog shares Coral's "search for the perfect afro wig (and other random thoughts) while undergoing breast cancer treatment..." Some recent posts include Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining, A Farewell to Arms, and Shooting from the Hip.

Scouting through Cancer
Find information and inspiration in this personal account of being diagnosed with and treated for throat cancer. Some recent posts include New Year and What's to be Happy About.

Thyroid Cancer Survivor - The Journey
This thyroid cancer survivor proclaims: " Grateful for the experience cancer gave me. Dedicated to those touched by cancer directly and indirectly." Some recent posts include Healthy New Year, What Cancer CANNOT Do, and Attitude Goes a Long Way.

Colon Cancer Sucks Ass
Christine started this blog after being diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in 2004. She suffered a reoccurrence in 2007 and passed away in 2009. " Christy did not want us to be sad. Instead, she wanted us to celebrate her life by learning from her experience, and by continuing her fight against colorectal cancer. So, let's raise a toast to our beloved Christine...and then go kick some cancer ass!" Family and friends continue to post here in her honor and to raise awareness for cancer. Some recent posts include What's Up Your Butt? WWCD? and Time Warp.

Brenda's Blog - A Guide to Surviving Breast Cancer
Read about Brenda's experiences with breast cancer and get information about the prevention and treatment of the disease. Some recent posts include An Educated Life, Parabens: Do They Cause Cancer and Do They Prevent Chemo from Killing It? and Beginnings and Opportunities.

The Cancer Warrior
Mel Majoros was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer in 2007 and underwent a lumpectomy. Now she speaks and works as an advocate to raise awareness about cancer. Some recent posts include Those Three Little Words, Flip the Switch, and Humor Rocks and Laughter Heals.

BRICKS for Young Adults
" BRICKS is an organization in Pittsburgh, PA, that aims to connect Young Adult cancer patients to people and resources that may be useful to them as they undergo treatment and beyond. We also hope to raise awareness about Young Adult cancers, and impact survival rates through education and activism." Posts share information about cancer prevention and treatment, as well as links to resources, current events, fundraisers, and more.

Caroline's Breast Cancer Blog
Caroline started this blog as a way to chronicle her experiences with breast cancer, but it has evolved into " my take on the medical world as well as my medical ups and downs." Some recent posts include You Won't Know Until You Try It, Positive Pets, and A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.

Karen's Cancer
This blog is "putting the 'can' in cancer." Karen has a tumor on her liver but is currently in remission from cancer. Read about her experiences and her reflections about living with cancer on this blog. Some recent posts include Finally an Update, Wow... and Holding Steady.

The Cancer Comic Strip
Suzan St. Maur has had cancer twice and has used humor to help get her through the experience. " This blog is dedicated not to information about the disease, but to cancer warriors and their relatives/friends who just want some cheering chuckles." Some recent posts include Old Age: Is There Any Point? What's In a (Doctor's) Name? and "How to Prevent Cancer: Yeah, Right..."

Charlcie Steuble has been fighting thyroid cancer since 2008. She shares her experiences living with cancer while also trying to raise three children with her husband in Virginia. Some recent posts include Cautious v. Paranoid, In the Hospital .... No, Not Me and Falling Apart and Getting Old.

My Battle with Myxoid Liposarcoma
Dave Novak was diagnosed with stage 3 myxoid liposarcoma in 2008 and has undergone extensive treatment, including six cycles of chemotherapy, 25 rounds of radiation, surgery, and physical therapy. " This blog contains my full story (diagnosis - today) and seeks to educate, inform, and encourage new patients and their families." Some recent posts include Chemo Survival Guide (a.k.a., Therapy for Chemotherapy) , 2 Years, 2 Months, 3 Songs and 'I Am a Survivor' (Or at Least That's What They Tell Me).

Sylvie Fortin's Breast Cancer Victory
Sylvie uses this blog to share her breast cancer survivor story. " Initially therapeutic, I soon realized how telling my story inspired so many in creating breast cancer awareness." Some recent posts include A Letter to a Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patient - For What It's Worth, Surviving a Menopausal Christmas, and One Year Since My Mastectomy.

Miracle Survivors
This blog provides "information and inspiration for cancer thrivers" from Tami B., a cancer survivor and the author of the book "From Incurable to Incredible." There are also interviews with fellow survivors. Some recent posts include Letting the Light In, A Scary Day: Tumor Markers and Scan Results, and Financial Ruin Should Not be a Cancer Side Effect.

Breast Cancer? But Doctor ... I Hate Pink!
Ann is "blogging my life with breast cancer, from suspicion to diagnosis to treatment. Now livin' the stage IV lifestyle!" Some recent post include Blaming the Victim, Final Report, and It's Not How Sick You Are ... It's Who You Know....

The Adventures of Baldylocks
Baldylocks writes here about her adventures battling leukemia, from diagnosis to treatment. Some recent posts include Still Struggling, She's Doing the Disabled Thing Again, and Work Update.

Cancer is Hilarious
" I am a fashion designer and writer diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma. This is my attempt to document my process and provide inspiration for other twenty-somethings who refuse to go the way of headscarves and hospital gowns. I mean, really? Cancer is fucking hilarious." Some recent posts include "I Am Here, Where Are You?" Faking Illness Cheapens Mine, and Playing (Cancer) Detective.

Battling Breast Cancer with Class
Marcy Bruch is a breast cancer survivor, and her blog talks about " how to fight breast cancer with grace, humor and style." Some recent posts include Another Birthday, Another Chance, Just Trying to Get By, and "Getting Financial Assistance While Undergoing Cancer Treatment".

Baldie's Blog
This blog was started by a young journalist with blood cancer who wanted to raise awareness about bone marrow donation. After he died, Hillary St. Pierre continued to write the blog to share her experiences battling Hodgkin's disease and to promote the " cause of making cancer care more transparent for everybody." Some recent posts include Treatment/Physical Update, Choosing Happy: An Emotional Return, and We're All in This Together.

Cancer Banter
Here you'll find discussion about "diagnosis, treatment, remission ... and the quest for the perfect purse." Some recent posts include Back to Pole Dancing, She's Back! and When Patient Fatigue Sets In.

Beyond Breast Cancer
"Lopsided blogger" is a breast cancer survivor who shares her experiences on this blog and offers information about treatment and prevention of the disease. Some recent posts include Yeah, Getting Breast Cancer When You're Young Does Suck, $575, and Newsflash: There is No Overreacting Once You've Had Cancer.

Uneasy Pink
This blog chronicles "one disquieted mind making peace with breast cancer and meaning out of chaos." Check out recent posts Improving the Silence, Deontologicalism or Teleologicalism? and Cancer is a _____________.

Not Just about Cancer
" What happens when you are 38 years old, write for a living and are diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer? Well, if you're me, you start a blog. When the cancer spreads to your liver? Keep writing. When the "spectacular" happens and you learn that tumours have disappeared? Turn it all into a book. And you go on living your life. Because life is good." Check out recent posts 3 Tips, If It's Not On a List, Then It Doesn't Exist, and Not Imaginary.

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer
Snippets of poetry, weekly blog roundups, reflections about positive living, and discussions about health care are just some of the things you will find on this blog about overcoming breast cancer. Recent posts include For Better ... For Worse ..., How Social Networks Will Change Medicine in 2012, and Love Divine.

Cancer Broke All My Pencils
Two women write this blog about "being diagnosed with cancer and being transformed by it." Recent posts include The Courage of Conviction, Cancer Survivor? and What Will My Body Say?

Dispatch from Second Base
Cancer survivor Jackie Fox blogs about "breast cancer, gratitude, humor and life." Recent posts include Do Patient Empowerment and Squeamishness Mix? 3 Words to Banish: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda, and 3 Words and a New Year's Roundup.

Darryle Pollack ... I Never Signed Up for This
Darryle Pollack is a writer and breast cancer survivor. She explains, "I realize nothing turns out the way we expect. So I blog about handling the big and little things with humor, humanity, and hope." Recent posts include At a Loss, Stand Back and Watch, and The Power of a Punchline.

The Pink Underbelly
This blog chronicles " a day in the life of a sassy Texas girl dealing with breast cancer and its messy aftermath." Recent posts include Cupcakes, In Stitches, and Giuliana Rancic.

Nancy's Point
Nancy lost her mother to breast cancer and then was diagnosed with it herself. Her blog shares insights about dealing with the loss of a loved one to cancer, as well as how to deal with the treatment of the disease yourself. Some recent posts include Cancer, Grief and the Holidays, Is Cancer a Gift? and Tattooing - The Final Step in the Long and Winding Road to Breast Reconstruction.

Miss Melanoma
This is "the official site for the fun side of cancer." The site hopes to promote awareness about skin cancer and to share information and inspiration for survivors. Some recent posts include Real Talk, You Need to Read This! and Medical Update.

The Journal of a Prizefighter
Duane Bailey-Castro was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2003 and relapsed in 2005. He has been cancer-free since 2007. He hopes to use his blog to help and inspire others who have been diagnosed with cancer. Some recent posts include I Had Cancer, The Loss of a Friend, and Day +1544.

The Daily Breast
This is "not your mama's breast cancer blog." Three women host this blog. They are "Academics. Activists. Feminists. Diagnosed with breast cancer in our twenties. We care about health care reform, women's health education and the search for a cure. And we hate pink." Get information here about breast cancer and treatment. Some recent posts include Lymphatically Fashionable? Moving Across the Country -- With Cancer! and The Worst Phrase Ever ... Well, at Least, I Don't Like It.

Mourning Has Broken
This blog shares reflections on surviving breast cancer, both for fellow survivors and for those looking to support them. Check out recent posts Christmas Ornament Reminiscing: My Bubble Pack of Hope, Social Omnivore: Freedom from the Past, and Empty Nest Revisited: Running through the Pain.

Running for My Life
This tennis player and runner is "fighting cancer one step at a time." Ronni shares her insights about living with and undergoing treatment for leukemia. Some recent posts include Chefs for Jimmy: Good Cause, Good Food, When You Need a Jump Start, and Goodbye Brown Paper Bag.

They Call Me Galvez
Galvez is a physical therapist who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in his 20s. Since then, he has written a book, started a foundation, and started his own business. His blog hopes to show others that having a brain tumor is not necessarily a death sentence. Some recent posts include Rehab Update: The Hippy Hippy Shake, Be the Change, and Why I Do What I Do...

I Hate Breast Cancer
Katherine was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 43. Her blog shares her journey, as well as information about treatment, prevention and awareness. Check out recent posts Stuff People Say to People with Metastatic Breast Cancer, Avastin: The Last Word, and Exciting MBC Drug Developments from SABC.

Debbie's Life-Is-Bigger-Than-Cancer Blog
Debbie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, but after several treatments, she has been cancer free since 2009. Her blog reflects on her experiences and aims to prove that life is bigger than cancer. Check out Identity Crisis, My First 5-Year Mark, and Attitude of Gratitude.

Stupid Cancer
Those who have been diagnosed with cancer can find a lot of information and support on this extensive blog. There is information about treatment, advice for survivors, discussions about news and developments, and more. Some recent posts include The Fear of Recurrence: Cancer's Evil Twin, Life after Treatment Can Be Also as Hard as the Chemo, and Cancer Frenemies: When Good Friends Say Bad Things.

Lynn's Fight Against Prostate Cancer
" I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer on 4/9/08 at approximately 4 pm. This blog will be a journal of my experiences on the journey to beating this beast." Some recent posts include It's Been Awhile, Lots of Things Have Happened Lately... and Lots of Amazing News!!

The Cancer Culture Chronicles
This blogger offers an insider view of living with breast cancer in the current culture. " I am fascinated by the pervasive and popular culture that seems to surround the disease of breast cancer, and this is what motivates my writing. I find much of what I observe to be completely and utterly insane and I'm not afraid to say so. It's time to move beyond pink ribbons and messages of "breast cancer awareness", and start agitating for real and meaningful action in the fight to eradicate this disease for good." Some recent posts include For the Cure, Or Not? 2012, With No Apologies to 2011, and Breast Cancer Action.

Bringing Up Goliath
This blog presents " The mundane musings of a wife, thriving in spite of breast cancer, and oh yes, motherhood." Check out recent posts The End o Reconstruction, The Art of Gratitude, and Bruised, Battered, Thankful.

Why Her and Not Me?
Rich Possert's wife battled melanoma for several years until she died in 2009. He hopes this blog can share her story and to educate others about melanoma and the dangers of tanning. Some recent posts include The Great Effectiveness of Cancer Survivor Networks, Love and Peace, and Inspiration. It's All around Us.

Cowgirl Attitude
Get inspired by reading about how this cowgirl from Tennessee is fighting colon cancer. Some recent posts include I'm a Damn Lemon, The Report: I'm Good, and Tomorrow is My Colonoscopy.

Cancer Bitch
Here you'll find "one feminist's report on her breast cancer, beginning with semi-diagnosis and continuing beyond chemo, with a side of Polycythemia Vera thrown in for good measure." Some recent posts include A Quarter of a Year Later, Cell Phones Get the OK, and Radiation is Good, Says the Lancet.

Cancer Free 2B
Lisa is now cancer free after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2009. She shares her journey on this blog, offering insight and inspiration to other women with cancer. Some recent posts include When Pigs Fly: More Thoughts on Komen, Santa Monica, and Cancer's Grip.

After Five Years
Lauren writes about "the emotional side of breast cancer and life's other travails" on this blog. Some recent posts include The Toss, Pink, and Lost and Found.

Michelle Will Win Against Colon Cancer
Michelle was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at age 31, but is now living cancer free. She writes about life after cancer and dealing with lingering health problems. Some recent posts include So Much Pain, 5 Weeks Today, and Surgery Done!

Ron's Road 2 Recovery
Learn about fighting cancer from the perspective of a loved one. Ron's wife writes about her husband's battle with colon cancer on this blog. Recent posts include Hydration during Cancer Treatment, Help for the Cancer Caregiver, and Infectious Disease Control.

My Semicolon
You won't find a discussion of grammar here, but rather information about one mother's journey while battling colorectal cancer. " I want to share my journey so that I can give other patients some hope and encourage everyone else to pay attention to your bodies and to make sure you get your mammograms, colonoscopies, and regular checkups ON TIME. Doing that may save your life." Some recent posts include Cancerversary, Happy New Year, and I Feel It In My Fingers; I Feel It In My Toes.

The Assertive Cancer Patient
Jeanne Sather is "living with cancer -- and an attitude." She uses her blog to advocate for the cancer patient's point of view and provides information for other survivors. Some recent posts include Moving On, What is C. Diff.? and Snow Daze.

Mothers with Cancer
The mothers on this blog are finding ways to continue to raise their children while fighting their cancer and living their lives. Some recent posts include The 'C' Word, Divorce v. Cancer, and Heart Like a Balloon.

My Husband's Cancer
Here's another blog from the viewpoint of a loved one. "This website is developed for ALL those who have been affected by cancer in any way. We all share a common bond and together we need each other's support. I trust you will find encouragement and inspiration on this website not only through my postings, but also through the support of our cancer community." Some recent posts include "Cancer Changes Lifestyles", B12 - Another Health Enhancer, and Have You Eaten Fish Today?

How I Said Bah! to Cancer
Stephanie Butland developed the "Bah!" approach after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The approach includes being informed, being sensible by managing self care, making personal choices, and being positive. Some recent posts include Besides Myself, Bah! Revisited: PHT, and Dragon for the Day.

Kidney Cancer and Learning to Live with It
Sarah started this blog after being diagnosed with kidney cancer in the hopes of raising awareness about the disease. She says that reading others' stories helped her, "as they are not just numbers and statistics, they are all real people going through the same as me and I have learned that we are all unique and the best way of living with this disease is to share and learn from others who are actually living with it." Check out recent posts December 2011, October - RFA, and October 2011.

Whuppin' Cancer
Bill G. is fighting metastasized papillary renal cell carcinoma, and he blogs about his "journey through cancer and how it feels and fits in my life." Some recent posts include Cycle 6, Just Type the First Word, and Did They Really Give Me Anything?

Sue's Boob Blog
"The witty and empowering adventures of a survivor" of breast cancer are shared on this blog. Check out recent posts A-OK ... Sort Of, O Happy Day! and Genes OK.

Kim's Ponderings Beyond Breast Cancer
Those battling with cancer can find inspiration and support on this blog from a breast cancer survivor. Some recent posts include Something New -- Pilates, Anyone? We Did It! and Island of Denial.

The Rotten Kidney
Learn about one family's struggle with kidney cancer from a father (the one with cancer) and his daughter. Get different perspectives on the toll that the disease takes and the fight to treat it. Some recent posts include Good Graph Day, Whoa Man, You're Spilling Your Protein! and Good Living Through Chemistry.

PSA Rising
Prostate cancer survivors can find news, information, and support on this extensive blog. There are in-depth discussions about the latest news and treatments for the disease. Some recent posts include New Pathway to Potential Therapies for Advanced Prostate Cancer, Provenge Available for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer at Roswell Park, and How Does a Robotic Prostatectomy Work?

Fighting Like a Girl
Amy is a breast cancer survivor who shares her story on this blog. She also shares reflections about life as a parent and finding peace and health. Some recent posts include We Need a CURE..., Keep It?? and Being Thankful....

Fight Pink
This extensive, in-depth blog shares information about treating breast cancer and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Survivors can also find support in reading stories from fellow survivors. There is also information about news and events related to breast cancer research and treatment. Some recent posts include Resentment, Your Comfort Zone, and 7 Quick Fixes to Feel Better.

Umm, That Wasn't the Diagnosis You Originally Gave Me...
Tommy was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2008, but is now in remission. Learn about this journey and find inspiration along the way. Some recent posts include A Different Kind of Grief... and Good News!

Confessions of a CF Husband
Nathan is married to Tricia, who has both cystic fibrosis and lung cancer, and the couple had a daughter who was born prematurely. He shares their journey, their triumphs and tribulations, on this blog. Some recent posts include Our Choice and Reverse Gifting.

The Kids and Brian: Living! After Cancer
Brian lost his wife Kristi to ovarian cancer six months ago after a four-and-a-half-year battle with the disease that the couple chronicled on this blog. Now Brian shares his grief and tries to raise awareness for the disease. Survivors and loved ones can learn from their journey. Recent posts include Another Anniversary, 6 Months, and Catch Up.

Lan's Breast Cancer Blog
Fellow survivors can find insights on this blog from a mother fighting metastatic breast cancer. She is currently undergoing treatment and she shares her experiences along the way. Some recent posts include A Little Update, Exhale, and More than Half Way Done.

He Provides the Shoes: Walking with God through Breast Cancer
Karen uses her faith in God to help her through her fight against breast cancer. She has been in remission for several years now, and continues to use her faith to sustain her. Some recent posts include I'll Take Routine, Please, Get-Away Days, and Overnight Changes.

Lumpy's Diary
Here you'll find "news and spews from the Hodgkins Lymphoma trenches" from a husband with the disease and his wife. Get views from both sides of the cancer experience. Some recent posts include New Members of the Club of Which No One Wants to be a Member, Two Years Seems Like a Long Time, and Another Clean Mile under My Transom.

Eric's Update: Allogeneic Treatment for Hodgkins
This blog began as a way to share updates about Eric's treatment for cancer, but since his death in 2009, it has been used to honor his memory. Recent posts include Remembering Eric Today and Eric's Legacy.

Radiation Daze
This blog author explains, "I wanted to document my journey through my radiation treatments and then beyond with further treatments to come. I hope this site can be of some use to you, a family member, friend, or anyone that is dealing with this crazy disease." Recent posts include Anger and Listening, November Rain, and Kite Flying.

Positives about Negative
Here you'll find information about hormone-negative breast cancer, including statistics, health tips, ways to beat recurrence, and support from other survivors. Recent posts include Breast Cancer Mantra: How We Get to Where We are Going is What Matters, Avastin Before Surgery May Help TNBC, and Breast Cancer Mantra: Laugh.

My Fabulous Boobies!
This is the blog of "a single sista regaining her life, looking for love and learning to go with the flow ... after fighting breast cancer." Recent posts include "This Toast is for the Caregivers" (, The Beauty of Tattoos and Honoring My Journey, and All I Want for Christmas ... Is a Cure for Cancer.

Join Our Loop
Find lots of information here about breast cancer treatment and discussions about the latest news and developments. Recent posts include Why Isn't 1 Out of 2,000 Enough? Filling Up the Cracks, and Betty Crocker Cancer? Or the Best Book I Never Meant to Buy.

My Fight Against Breast Cancer
This blog author is part of the BRAC Pack. "The BRAC Pack is made up of individuals who have been genetically tested for the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 mutation. Our job is to help others understand their risk for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, also known as HBOC, and to arm them with the knowledge that could potentially change their lives and the lives of their family members." Get this information here and learn about her personal experiences along the way. Recent posts include Introducing Chandler Mae, Big News!!!!! and Back to Salt Lake City!

I Am 30 Years Old and Have Breast Cancer
Robyn started this blog after being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She shares her triumphs and trials fighting cancer while also trying to raise two young children. Recent posts include Happy New Nipples! NIPPLES! and Bras, the Bane of My Existence, Partially Solved.

My Blood Hates Me
Matt shares his fight against Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) on this blog, offering information and insight for other survivors. The blog has not been updated in some time, but many posts are available in the archives. Check out A Beginning, a Middle, and an End, I Think He's Stable Jim, and What Is It with December?

Kim Fights Cancer
Kim has lost her fight against cancer, but her family continues to share information about cancer research and treatment and about Kim's legacy. Survivors and family members can find a lot of information and support on this blog. Check out San Diego, Aunt Kathy Here, and Friend-Ish (Erin's New Line of Vocab).

I Kicked Cancer's Ass
Meaghan fought cancer and won, and now she continues to speak to others and write about cancer treatment and maintaining hope. Check out Still Kicking Some Cancer Ass, Skin Care for Cancer Patients and Survivors, and Great News!

The Enemy Returns: My Kidney Cancer
This blog author is a father of three fighting metastatic kidney cancer and learning some lessons along the way. Check out Great News Today! Big Breakthrough Today, and What I Did Today.

Diary of a Defunct Thyroid
Patticake is fighting thyroid cancer while caring for four children and attending school. Her blog shares her reflections on treatment and living with the disease. The posts have not been updated in some time, but there is still plenty of information in the archives. Check out A Hunka' Hunka' Burnin' Scar, Cautiously Hopeful, and "Already?"

Cancer Guy
This is the blog of Jason, who has had stage 4 colon cancer since 2006. "Here you'll find weblog/photoblog of his daily activities and cancer related experiences. Hopefully, through this web site, he can give courage and inspire others as well as raise cancer awareness." Read posts through to the final days.

Jayne's Breast Cancer Blog
This blog explores "the intersection of cancer and creativity" as Jayne is both a breast cancer survivor and a freelance writer. Her blog has not been updated in some time, but the posts offer a lot of insights about surviving a cancer diagnosis. Check out Dealing with Diagnosis, Breast Cancer Five Years After Diagnosis, and Does Breast Cancer Cause Career Changes?

Two Hands
"One body, one soul, one heart, one fight ... join me on my journey." Jeannette was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39. Four years later, her cancer returned. Her blog shares her experiences the second time around. Check out Thoughts on Anniversaries, Healing, and Abundant Joy, Time, Time, Time; Look What's Become of Me... and A New Year.

Death by Lettuce
This is a thyroid cancer blog "looking to take over the world." Robs was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 21 and has undergone multiple treatments. This blog shares her experiences and thoughts. Though she recently announced that she will no longer be updating the blog, fellow cancer survivors can find plenty of information and inspiration in the archives. Check out Losing Your Cancer Virginity, A Friend Lost, and I'm Not Quite Dead ... I Think I'll Go for a Walk Now ... I Feel Happy ... I Feel Happy!

Neurons Turn Me On
Read about the experiences of this Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor and find useful information and inspiration. Check out Hodgkin's Treatment, Live, Love, Laugh, Learn, and It's the Little Things...

Kicking Cancer's Arse
Hayley shared her ongoing experiences as a cancer survivor on this blog, which is no longer being updated. At the last post, Hayley had been in remission 18 months. Check out "The One Where Hayley Updated", The One Where It Was Two Years Ago, and The One Where It Was a Special Day.

Punk Rock Mommy
This blog began as a way to follow the journey of Andrea Collins Smith as she battled breast cancer and continued to be a mother to six children. Andrea has since died, but the blog continues to offer information for others battling cancer. "We hope that this story will inform, inspire, and encourage the so many people who know (or want to know) Andrea and her family."

Maura. Life After.
" his blog used to be called 'Maura vs.Toby.' 'Toby' was a four-pound Unclassified Sarcoma that surgeons removed from Maura's abdomen in April, 2008. She died on May 19, 2009. Toby's evil spawn may have killed her body, but Maura lives on. The tumors, on the other hand, were incinerated. They are gone. And she is in pain no more." Maura's mother, Erin, wrote about Maura's journey while alive, and continued the blog after she died to raise awareness. This blog offers insights for those fighting cancer and for their loved ones.

Living With a Sarcoma
Ze has been fighting a recurrent retroperitoneal liposarcoma since 2000. She shares her battle on her blog, including her treatments and her insights throughout the process. The blog has not been updated in a while, but others who are fighting cancer can find a lot of information here.

My Ride on the Hodgkin's Bus
Read about one woman's journey to battled Hodgkin's Lymphoma on this blog, which shares her treatments and her travails. Some recent posts include Fertility, Results Continue to Be Good, and Second Chance.

Here you can read the "rants, raves and lunacy of living with Hodgkins Lymphoma." Check out Light Those 5 Year Diagnosis Candles! Another Year, Another Flag Day, and Financial Assistance Sites?

In My Life
Cathy Bueti is a breast cancer survivor and the author of "Breastless in the City." She shares her journey with cancer on this blog. Check out Raise a Stink ... Komen Strikes Again and Losing My Survivor Touchstone....

Health Care School Spotlight