Careers in health continue to grow

Even in the dire economic climate we live in today, there are still some jobs that continue to experience growth. Among the degrees currently in demand are MBAs, engineering degrees and careers in health.

"So, given variations between schools, what are the graduate degrees that lead to well-paying and satisfying employment? The most in-demand graduate degrees that offer the greatest payback are in the fields of business administration, medical/health services, engineering, education management, computer sciences and information systems," states The Chicago Sun Times writer, Jean Guarino. 

"The medical/health services industry will continue to grow as aging baby boomers require increased services. Specialties in this field requiring graduate degrees for advancement include dentistry, pharmacology, occupational and physical therapy, physicians and advanced practice nursing professionals such as nurse practitioners and nurse anesthetists."

Of course, the higher level of education you achieve in these fields, the more money you will end up earning. To succeed in the healthcare field, you need only the basic level of training for most positions, but if you want an edge, you should consider working toward a Master's Degree.

Source: Chicago Sun Times


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