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Whether you are a healthcare student focusing on men’s health, or if you are a man who just wants to be informed about your own health, these blogs focusing on men’s health are a great source of information. You might be a dad wanting to stay fit, or looking to start a new diet—no matter what the reason; you should check out these Top 100 Men’s Health Blogs and Websites. At, we are dedicated to keeping you informed on the latest healthcare resources.

Just a Guy Thing
Posts on this blog aim to promote "building a better man" with information about health and fitness, as well as relationships, career, and more. Some recent posts include How Much Sleep Do You Actually NEED? Hangover Cure #3: Exercise, and Get Drunk, Not Fat.

Andrew is Getting Fit
Follow along with Andrew as he goes from morbidly obese couch potato to fit marathoner. He has made significant progress in his journey, but he continues to share his experiences
and healthy living tips on this blog. Check out Run Less, Run Faster, The Joy of Early Morning Runs, and Icebreaker and Authentic Runners.

Daddy Weight Loss
This blog chronicles "a big daddy's adventure in getting smaller." There are reflections about diet, fitness, and the hard work required to make a healthy lifestyle change -- and it's mostly done in cartoons. Drop by for a little inspiration and some laughs.

Balding Blog
This blog is a "daily journal of hair loss information" that tries to help men who want to know more about how to treat baldness and thinning. Many posts are responses to reader questions. Some recent posts include Patient Results - Growth at Only Four Months after 1622 Grafts, "I Just Turned 17, My Hairline Isn't Straight - When Will I Go Bald?" and Using Smaller Needles in FUE?

Scott's Diabetes
On this blog, Scott shares his experiences living with Type 1 diabetes for more than 30 years and shares information for others struggling with the same condition. Some recent posts include First Look at Telcare - Cellular Enabled Glucose Meter, December Dawn Phenom - Insulindependence, and Lane Desborough - Chemical Engineering and Diabetes?

Men's Garage
Find extensive information here about men's health and fitness. There is also information about lifestyle and topics of interest to men, such as technology. Some recent posts include 10 Health Benefits of Garlic, A Food that Helps Prevent Diabetic Kidney Disease, and A Healthy Truth about Mushrooms.

Fat Man Unleashed
Find support for weight loss -- as well as tips and health information -- on this community blog. There are also recipes, reviews, and more. Some recent posts include Preparing for Your First Race, The Mentality of Change, and The Pros and Cons of a Personal Trainer.

Mr. Low Body Fat
This blogger started his weight-loss journey at 310 pounds. After learning how to eat right and exercising regularly, he lost 130 pounds. He continues to live a healthy lifestyle and shares his tips for others who want to do the same. He recently announced that he will no longer be updating the blog, but there is plenty of useful information here.

Advanced Prostate Cancer
This blog offers advice and support for men who have prostate cancer, as well as their families. Some recent posts include Fighting Infections While on Chemotherapy, Another Drug Mishap, and Neurological Complications of Advanced Prostate Cancer.

Heart Disease Prevention
Get information here about heart disease prevention. Though the blog is presented to a general audience, heart disease is one of the leading diseases affecting men. Some recent posts include It is Food Choice that Makes You Fat! Be Happy to Lower Heart Disease Risk! and How is Waistline Linked to Stroke?

Penis Resources
Learn about the care and health of the male reproductive organ on this extensive blog. Some recent posts include Frenulum Length and Premature Ejaculation, The High Cost of Penis Enlargement Surgery, and Pomegranate Antioxidants and Erectile Dysfunction Study.

Male Pattern Fitness
Get lots of tips and advice here for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving overall fitness. Some recent posts include Training with the Brakes Off, Rocky and Drago? and Get Obsessed, Fix an Injury.

Project Swole
This blog offers "a place where beginner, amateur, and experienced athletes can maximize their physical potential" by offering tips and information about how to increase physical fitness. Some recent posts include Stay Fit Stay Healthy: Exercise Daily, Swole 101: The Elusive Quest for a Six Pack, and Transitioning from Cutting Phase to Lean Mean Phase.

Battle Against Bald
Learn about the Bosley medical hair restoration process and other information about battling hair loss on this blog. Some recent posts include Why is Hair Important? Protein Shakes can Contribute to Baldness, and Winter Weather Causing Hair Loss?

All Muscle Building
" is a blog about developing and maintaining lean muscle mass, sports nutrition, exercises and supplements." Some recent posts include Cardio: How Much is Too Much? Top 5 Recovery Foods, and Choosing the Right Pre-Workout Snack.

Geek 2 Freak
Brandon grew up as a skinny kid and decided to pursue a more fit lifestyle to bulk up his physique. He shares his experiences and his advice for others who are looking to do the same. He also shares his workout logs and more. Some recent posts include Dealing with Bingo Wings if You are a Man, 150+ Reps Including Upside-Down Presses, and Dizzy and Barely Knew Where I Was When We Were Done....

Get information and tips here for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for "men in the real world." Some recent posts include Emotions and Your Internal Organs, A Taste of Energy, and Bashing the Smoker's Body.

Positive Lite
This Canadian blog offers information for men living with HIV about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is information about current events, entertainment, news, and more. Some recent posts include Trans PULSE - Thinking about the Future, HIV Prevention in Canada - A Consumer's Report Card, and Sex, Risk, Viral Load and HIV Criminalization.

Huge Gains Fast Blog
Men who are interested in building a lot of muscle quickly can get great information here about nutrition and fitness routines. Some recent posts include Learn the 'Nitty Gritty' Secrets to Bulking Up and Gaining Muscle Size as Fast as Humanly Possible, How to Build Muscle and Mental Strength Even If You're Too Lazy, Too Tired or Too Out of Shape, and This Simple High-Protein Diet is Guaranteed to Help You Build Muscle and Get Ripped a Lot Faster.

Prostate Ruminate
Learn about one man's battle with prostate cancer and treatment using holistic remedies. Some recent posts include Cancer Stem Cells, Fish Oil Supplements Slow Growth of Cancer Cells, and PSA Blood Test Screening for Prostate Cancer.

Strong Silent Types - Stuff about Men
This blog covers "masculinity, madness, sexuality and suicide." Posts focus on health and wellness for men in all aspects of their lives. Some recent posts include Gay Men's Health Crumbling and Tumbling, Men Get Bullied, Too, and Gay Men Get More Cancer.

A Disabled Wreck
This blogger is disabled and is trying to health through alternative medicine, including maintaining health and a positive attitude. He hopes that the information provided here can help others do the same. Some recent posts include Sugar... Tasty Tasty Evil Sugar, Hardship is All Relative, and Living with Cancer; Coping with Change.

The Official Blog
This blog aims to help men with "building muscle one fiber at a time." Some recent posts include Fitness Programs Inspired by Criminal Workouts from Prison, Eating for Top Performance - Why Protein Matters, and The Real Keys to Muscle Building Success.

Male Hair Loss
Learn about the causes of male hair loss and how to treat or prevent it on this blog. Some recent posts include Hair Grafting, Hair Loss and Self-Esteem, and Stress and Hair Loss.

The Nylon Gene
This blog aims to change hearts and minds about the health benefits of support hose and nylons for men - "from pantyhose to mantyhose." Many posts link to studies and news stories about the health benefits of support hose and leg health.

Male Weight Loss Now
Information about healthy weight loss, including tips on nutrition and fitness, is provided on this blog. Some recent posts include Diet Soda is No Answer to Burn Body Fat, Can You Lose Weight if You Hate Eating Vegetables? and How Can I Prevent Loose Skin During Weight Loss?

Men's Well-Being
Psychotherapist Phil Tyson writes this blog about helping men attain health and well-being in all aspects of life. Recent posts include Bulimia in Men, New Hope for Treatment Resistant Depression, and The Courage of Compassion.

The Men's Fitness Blog
This blog promises to offer "the most effective fitness techniques for building muscle and strength." Some recent posts include How to Double Your Muscle Gain, How Drinking Can Harm Muscle Gain, and Muscle Weight Gain - Free Weights or Machines?

My New York Minute
Dan Zenka is the senior vice president of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and he was diagnosed with prostate cancer himself. HIs blog shares his experiences with the disease and treatment and shares information for others going through the same thing. Some recent posts include Energy and Advocacy Preserve Crucial PCa Research Funds - For Now, On This Journey are the Most Remarkable Men, and HHS Has No Intention of Discontinuing Medicare Coverage for PSA Testing.

Gain Muscle, Workout Less
Men interested in bulking up and cutting fat can find lots of nutrition and fitness tips on this blog. Some recent posts include Bodybuilding Workouts Help, Weight Loss Systems Can be Effective, and Build Chest Muscles Now.

It's Just a Ride
"A blog about a bipolar boy in a bipolar world." Learn about the struggles with bipolar disorder and its treatment from personal experience. Though the disorder affects both men and women, the blog examines it from the experience of one man.

Tiny Muscles
This blog is "about a skinny, small person getting into shape and gain some mass." Find your own health inspiration and get some tips along the way. Some recent posts include Working in the Morning v. Night Time, First Impressions: RealFlex Running Shoes by Reebok, and NitroCut Results, Rapidly and Quickly Get Rip.

Real Guy's Fitness
This blog is for all the "real guys" out there, rather than the body builders. "When you just want to slim down to your old pants size so you feel better about yourself, you'll find what you need here. When you want to add some muscle to your frame without dedicating your life to the gym, this is the place where you can find the information. When you want to push past that plateau for your own personal best, this is where you can find the tips you need." Some recent posts include Golden Nutrition Tips for Men: Protein in Every Meal, Period, 5 Workout, Fitness, & Life Tips from 'The Greatest' Muhammad Ali, and 5 Real Guy Vices & How to Survive Day to Day to Be Healthier and More Fit.

The Men's Health Blog
Learn about men's health, fitness, body building, weight loss, nutrition, hair loss, and relationships on this blog. Some recent posts include Men's Health - For Healthy Men, "Prostate Cancer - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment Methods" (, and What Causes Low Sperm Count?

Male Health
Men can find "fast, free, independent advice" on this blog from Men's Health Forum. Get information about men's health, fitness and wellness. Some recent posts include "The Future of Health Online" , Does Male Happiness All Come Down to the Job We Do? and What Do You Know about the Prostate?

John is Fit
Follow along on another man's personal health and fitness journey, picking up a few tips for your own personal journey along the way. Some recent posts include The Great Fat Fraud Book Review, Food Combinations for Best Nutrient Absorption, and 5 Drinks to Help You Lose Weight Fast.

Impotence Help
Learn about the causes of male impotence and treatment remedies on this men's health blog. Some recent posts include 6 Sex Mistakes Men Make, Penis Enlargement is Possible, Study Shows, and Spider Venom: Impotence Remedy New Hope.

Get Big and Ripped
Men can learn how to shed fat and build muscle quickly on this fitness blog. Some recent posts include Burn Fat Quicker, Getting Rid of Unwanted Fat and Keeping it Off, and How to Master Nutrient Timing for Faster Muscle Growth!

The Men's Health Blog
Find information here about men's health, nutrition, fitness and overall wellness. Some recent posts include Toughest Athlete, Toughest Sport, The Scoop on Sweating, and Are Year-Round Sports Bad for You?

Men's Health
This blog from Baylor University discusses issues related to men's health. Some recent posts include The Economics of Erectile Dysfunction - What Can We Save if We Protect Our Penises? Male Infertility - What's around the Corner? and Treatments Improving for Incontinence Issues.

Men's Health Blog
Get answers to all your questions about men's health and wellness on this blog. Posts provide answers to specific reader questions. Check out recent posts Is Increased Number of White Blood Cells an Indication that Testicular Cancer Has Come Back? Sexual Health: Is Wearing Underwear Necessary (from a Health Perspective)? and What is the Best Drug for Treating Men's Hair Loss?

Dr. Geo's Natural Health Blog
Learn about achieving health and wellness through natural approaches such as proper diet and exercise. There is a particular focus on urological issues. Some recent posts include Prostate Cancer: Decision Making in Younger Men, The One Condition No Urologist Wants to See - Prostatitis, and Premature Ejaculation - New Treatments and Tips.

Men's Health Weblog
Get men's health tips here, including fitness, nutrition, aging, hair issues, and more. Many recent posts discuss the health benefits of various martial arts. Some recent posts include Wing Chun - Chinese Martial Art, Top Reasons to Try Martial Arts, and The Three Horsemen.

Men's Health
The University of Rochester Medical Center sponsors this blog, which looks at all issues related to men's health and discusses current research. Some recent posts include "Liver Cancer in Men is on the Rise" , Talking Can be Good for What Ails You, and How Do You Stay Healthy During the Winter?

Turek on Men's Health
Dr. Paul Turek is a urologist who blogs weekly on men's health issues such as infertility, vasectomy, sexual health, and more. Some recent posts include A Dozen Funny Reasons for Vasectomy, Rise of the Instant Family, and Wi-Fi, Sperm Counts, and Fertility.

Health is Wealth
Get plenty of health tips and recommendations for healthy products designed specifically for men on this blog. There are also discussions about news and politics related to men's health. Check out New York City Marathon and Acne No More Review.

Male Prostate Health Guide
Learn all about this cancer affecting men, including diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Some recent posts include Prostate Gland Problems Symptoms, How to Detect Prostate Problems: Anatomy of a Prostate, and An Enlarged Prostate is a Common Male Problem.

Man Boobs Facts
This blog offers information for sufferers of gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia from a man who has suffered from the condition himself. "I am especially interested in helping men lessen the severity of their condition through simple, natural lifestyle changes: increased exercise, healthier eating etc. These kinds of steps have led to drastic improvements for me personally and believe they can do so for others." Some recent posts include Processed Foods May Mess with More than Just Your Metabolism, Xenoestrogens - A Prime Suspect in the Man Boobs Epidemic? and Man Boobs, Oestrogen Pollution and Can We Trust the Water We Drink?

Kettlebell Rob
Here you'll find "a site devoted to Crossfit training, RKC kettlebell training, clubbell training and body weight training. The main purpose which is to share ideas and provide motivation for myself and others." Rob often shares his own workouts, as well, giving readers some ideas for their own routines. Some recent posts include Cleans and 'The Raven', The Importance of Sleep for Primal/Paleo Living, and Deadlift 5-5-5, 'Pacman...'

Conquer Prostate Cancer
This blog from Rabbi Ed Weinsberg promises to show how "medicine, faith, sex and love can renew your life" after getting a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Some recent posts include Spanner Could Transform Practice of Urology, Great Sex after Cancer and Other Major Illnesses, and New 3D Image Helps Improve Prostate Cancer Decision Making.

Secrets to Getting Buff
Men can learn about how to gain muscle and cut fat on this blog that offers information about nutrition and fitness. Some recent posts include How to Gain Muscle Fast, The Ultimate Nutrition Guide, and The Best and Effective 26 Killer Core/Ab Exercises Plus Bonus.

Male Circumcision and HIV
"Male Circumcision and HIV provides a place for a public health policy debate on the linking of male circumcision and HIV/AIDS. It seeks to address questions of cost versus benefit, the effectiveness of circumcision in the fight against HIV/AIDS in real world settings, and the differing points of view of researchers, the media, and all contributors to the policy discussion." Some recent posts include Intactivism for 2012: Prevention and Restoration, Cut, Slicing through the Myths of Circumcision, and Mike Gatto, the Face of Genital Cutting in America.

Fat Boy Fitness Blog
This blog shares information and tips about the P90X workout for men who would like to get in shape and create better overall health. Some recent posts include P90X and Reconstructive Knee Surgery, P90X Reviews - Tips from the Road, and P90X Workout - Shoulders and Arms.

Relieve Gout Pain
Learn strategies and treatments for managing gout pain from this blog. Some recent posts include Relieve Gout Pain with Cherries, Effective Measures to Relieve Gout Pain, and Relieve Gout Pain with Anti-Inflammatory Medications.

Losing It
"Losing It is an intensive look at how an average joe's life can be turned upside down with the help of some skilled professional trainers. We're going to track his movements. From the lazy slob, lying on the couch every day, to a fit and healthy new man!" Get tips and information for your own journey to health, as well. Check out recent posts Let the Pain Begin -Time Trial Circuits, A Taste of Effective Training - Guides to Effective Workouts, and Ain't Nothin' Super 'bout a Super Set.

Stop Sweating and Start Living
Men who suffer from excessive perspiration can get information on this blog about the condition and how to treat it. Check out recent posts "Excessive Perspiration: Causes and Treatment" (, Hyperhidrosis Treatment - Stop Your Excessive Perspiration, and How to Stop Excessive Underarm Perspiration.

Hair Loss and Grey Hair Remedy Reviews
Get the latest information on this blog about treatments for hair loss and grey hair. Find extensive reviews about different products on the market and get insights from other consumers.

Muscle Building Workouts Journal
Men who are interested in getting in shape and building muscle can find lots of information on this blog. There are reviews, recommendations, sample workouts, and much more.

Gout Treatment
" Get detailed information on the best gout treatment options available. Make informed decisions while checking out our detailed research results." Some recent posts include Gout Treatment Options and Information, Gout Treatment - The Best Natural Remedies, and Gout Treatment for Pain in Foot.

Drinking Diet
This blog chronicles the "struggles of a late 20 something man who's spent too much time drinking and now wants to lose some weight and get fit." Other men who find themselves in the same position can get tips and inspiration to do the same. Some recent posts include Chiropractor Says No to Crosstrainers, What Does the Wall Feel Like? and How Often Should I Change My Gym Program?

Men's Health
This blog from the High St Men's Clinic in New Zealand attempts to help men all over the world by offering information and tips on how to maintain a healthy life. Some recent posts include Mental Health - Affects Nearly Everyone! High Cholesterol, There is No Proof... and Testosterone Therapy.

Every Joe
This men's lifestyle blog has an extensive section on men's health, including information about diet, fitness, and more. There are also recipes and helpful reviews. Some recent posts include Healthy Superbowl Party Food, How to Save Money on Vegetables, and How to Make Beans Taste Good.

Gout Relief Cures
Men can find information here about gout and how to get relief from the condition. Some recent posts include What is Gout and the Four Stages of Progression, Prominent Symptoms of Gout - What to Look For, and Home Remedies for Gout Relief - Treating Your Gout with Epsom Salts.

Two Regular Guys Talking about Food, Exercise, and Men's Health
The name of this blog says it all. You'll find lots of information here about men's health, including nutrition and fitness. Some recent posts include "Can Exercise Help to Battle the Obesity Gene?" What Happens When Every Personality Trait You Have Says Eat More? Shake It Off and Finding More Protein for My Daily Diet.

Fenway Focus
Fenway Health serves the LGBT community and those affected by HIV in the Boston area. This blog shares information about those topics, including a subfocus on men's health. Posts also review news and public policy.

The Performance Nutrition Blog
Here you'll find information for health, nutrition, and fitness for everyone. The men's health category provides information targeted to men and their specific health and nutrition needs. Some recent posts include Training Tip: From the Ground Up, Training Tip: Keep it Closed, and ANS Diesel T Increases Testosterone Levels Naturally.

Heart Healthy Blog
Heart disease is a common problem for men. Get information here about maintaining heart health and preventing this disease. Some recent posts include Blood Vessels Made from Muscle Cells, "Heart Disease Treatment May Triple in Price Over the Next 20 Years", and 3 Tips to Lower Cholesterol.

Men's Health News and Information
This blog's name says it all: Here you'll find news and information about all topics related to men's health. Some recent posts include Exercise Plan for Healthy Bones: Strength Training, Coping with the Uncertainties of Seizures and Epilepsy: Anxiety, the Greatest Enemy, and Asthma and Home Environment: Bedding and Bedrooms.

Men's Health Blog
Get information and tips here for maintaining health and fitness. Also find discussions about health news and research. Some recent posts include Do You Have Enough Health Insurance, How to Match Your Social Goals with Your Weight Loss Goals, and Holistic Treatment can Banish Tinnitis.

Eric Cressey
Get information and advice from the blog of this highly sought-after coach to athletes of all skill levels. Find sample workouts, information about local events, and tips for other health professionals. Some recent posts include Strength Exercise of the Week: Half-Kneeling 1-arm Landmine Press, Strength and Conditioning Stuff You Should Read, and 5 Coaching Tips for Up-and-Coming Fitness Professionals.

Men's Fitness
Men looking to get in shape or bulk up can find a lot of information and advice here about nutrition and fitness. Some recent posts include Plateau Buster: The Squat, 3 Reasons You're Stuck with Chicken Legs, and 15-Minute Arm Workout.

My Men's Fitness Blog
" Would you like to explore new athletic challenges, perhaps begin weight training, become a marathon runner, bungee jumper or hockey champion? Join us at this mens fitness blog for tips and suggestions on new approaches to fitness that will challenge you: and give you something to write how about." Some recent posts include Is Cosmetic Surgery Healthy for Men? Men's Fitness: Some Basic Things You Need to Know, and How to Deal with Stress.

Man Blog
This blog from the Northern BC Man answers reader questions about men's health and shares event in the Northern BC region. Some recent posts include Do Moderate Drinkers Live Longer than Non-Drinkers? Natural Resource Forum Video, and Ask Dr. Bowering.

Fitness Health Zone
This extensive blog shares information and advice about achieving and maintaining fitness. Posts are meant for a general audience, but there are many articles targeted to men and their specific health needs. Some recent posts include Build Muscle with the Overhead Tricep Extension, The Healthy Nutrition Meant to Help You Get Fit, and What is the Main Cause of Sore Back Muscles?

Coach Dos
This blog offers tips and information for men on "real-world strength and conditioning" from Coach Robert dos Remedios. Some recent posts include Food for Thought as We Wrap Up 2011, Are We Really Understanding the Concept of Anaerobic Training? and When Keeping it Real Goes Terribly Wrong.

This blog is a forum on men's health, providing information on everything from nutrition and fitness to sexual health. Some recent posts include Get Fit by Training Like a Fighter, 7 Ways to Meet Your New Year's Fitness Goals, and The Best Ways to Do Cardio While Injured.

Men's Health Vancouver
You don't have to live in Vancouver to get useful information from this blog about men's health. Topics include infertility, prostatitis/BPH, impotence, and more. Some recent posts include Vitamin D Increases Sperm Motility, Poor Sperm = Poor Embryo Quality, and A Word about Thyroid Health and Fertility.

Dr. Walt's Blog
This blog from Dr. Walt Larimore, a medical journalist, offers information for keeping your whole family healthy. A category for men's health focuses on topics of interest to men. Some recent posts include Statins Reduce Risk of Dying from Prostate Cancer, Diet Affects Sperm Health, and Vitamin E Increases Prostate Cancer Risk.

Health Man Blog
The health man uses this blog as " a place where I share my personal experiences, thoughts, perspectives and those of my close associates who have agreed to let me share their stories. It is also a place where I discuss the perspectives of authorities on the topics of health, wellness and active longevity." Some recent posts include 'No Sugar' Drumbeat Gets Louder, BET Spreads the Word on Vitamin D, and Why We Get Fat: Central Premises.

Body Tools for Men
Men can get information on this blog about improving health, achieving fitness, and maintaining self-care. Some recent posts include Do Men Need to Change their Skin-Care Routine during Winter? A Man for All Seasons: Looking Good No Matter What Your Age, and Letter from the President: Simple Tools to Longevity.

Men's Health Guide
Get information here about common ailments affecting men, how to get proper nutrition, building fitness, and more. Some recent posts include Prostate Cancer - Know the Signs, Abdominal Exercises: How to Tone the Lower Abs, and Why Nutrition?

The Healthy Boy
" Bringing you all the cool new information on health, nutrition, and fitness ... and a few other awesome things in between." Some recent posts include The Seven Rules of Getting Ripped, Why Excess Abdominal Fat is More Deadly than You Think, and Post Workout Meals for Muscle Growth.

Revolution Health
Dr. Joseph Scherger shares his expert knowledge of men's health on this blog, which covers topics including fitness, nutrition, disease, and sexual health. Check out Lumps in the Scrotum, Part 1 - The Skin, Lumps in the Scrotum, Part 2 - The Testicle, and Should I Take a Statin?

Chronicles of a Cancer Patient
David is a pianist who was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and wrote this blog to share his experiences. Learn about living with and treating this disease on his blog. Posts are no longer being updated, but there is plenty of good information in the archives.

Men's Health
Here you'll find "information and tips on men's health issues, sex, fitness, nutrition, relationships, career and lifestyle." Some recent posts include Extra Fat Burner Challenge and Best Abdominal Exercises and Core Workouts.

High Blood Pressure Blog
This blog offers information about one of the most common illnesses affecting men: High blood pressure. The blog has not been updated in some time, but there is still plenty of useful information in the archives. Check out Hypertension Remedies, Lower Blood Pressure, and Blood Pressure Causes.

The Prostate Reloaded
Stay abreast of the latest research on prostate cancer with this blog that shares prostate cancer prevention research from PubMed. Check out Dietary Acrylamide and Risk of Prostate Cancer, Diagnostic Markers for Prostate Cancer, and Apigenin for Cancer Prevention.

The Care and Feeding of Man
Here you'll find "informative tips, gear, and advice for guys. Genuine guy resources for the well-being of men everywhere." Some recent posts include How to Keep Your Balls Clean, Seven Perfect Exercise Videos Guaranteed to Make You Sweat, and Quick Easy Way to Dice an Onion.

Men's Health and Fitness
Learn about herbal remedies and gets tips and information about men's health and fitness on this blog. Posts have not been updated in some time, but there is still plenty of useful information in the archives. Check out Finding the Right Trampoline for You, Home Gyms Can Improve Your Relationship with Your Partner! and Gym Equipment - Which Machine Works Best?

Men's Health Magazine
Learn about men's health, nutrition, fitness, and natural herbal remedies on this blog. Posts are no longer being updated, but the archives provide plenty of useful information. Check out Abdominoplasty Prices, A Healthy Guide to Good Nutrition, and Antiobiotics as a Cure for Stomach Ulcer.

Men's Issues
This blog covers "all the problems and issues that men may experience." This includes health, fitness, relationships, sexual health, and much more. Posts are no longer being updated, but extensive archives are available. Check out Common Men's Health Issues that You Should be Concerned About, Anti-Aging Facts and Myths, and Andropause and DHEA.

Fat Loss for Men
Here you'll find information and strategies for maintaining fat loss and a healthy lifestyle. The blog is no longer being updated, but you'll find lots of tips, advice, reflections, inspiration, and more in the archives.

In Training
Follow along with Eric as he attempts to go from 372 pounds to a more healthy, trimmed down figure. Get tips for healthy eating and fitness along the way. The blog is no longer being updated, but you can find plenty of information and inspiration in the archives.

Home Fitness for Men
This father of two and small business owner created a home gym to help himself get fit. He shares his knowledge of home fitness on this blog. Check out Working Out with My Wife, Split Workouts or Whole Body Workouts ... What to Do? and Want High Intensity, but Lack the Time?

Men's Health
Find lots of information and discussion here about all issues relating to men's health. Check out Men Have Low Awareness of Erectile Dysfunction and Its Effects, Study Shows, Low Testosterone Level May Increase Risk of Death in Men, and Coffee May Extend Your Life.

Fat Men Can't Run
This blog tells "the story of how an overweight, over tall, middle-aged man will run a marathon." Get your own inspiration and tips by learning how another man did it. Check out "Back in Training" , Leeds 10K Race Day, and "The Dress Rehearsal."

Men who suffer from this condition can find information on this blog about managing and treating it. Check out Gynecomastia List of Forums and Information Sites, Unsymmetrical Enlarged Male Breast/Gynecomastia, and Adolescent Gynecomastia.

Secrets of the Ripped Man
Here you'll find lots of health and fitness tips for men who want to build muscle and get ripped. Posts are no longer being updated, but there is a lot of useful information in the archives. Check out Posture and Exercise, How to Gain Muscle Mass, and High Fructose Corn Syrup - The Ugly Truth.

Men's Health Info Blog
Get information here about men's health issues including nutrition, fitness, common ailments, hormones, and more. Some recent posts include Is Transurethral Resection of the Prostate Safe and Effective in the Over 80-Year-Old?, "Premature Grey Hair and Hair Loss among Smokers: A New Opportunity for Health Education?" and Aging and Sexuality.

Health Care School Spotlight