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New pharmaceuticals are constantly being developed, and this is why pharmacy technicians are taking the main stage in current healthcare jobs.  These careers in health have the benefit of availability and security. At, we are working hard to connect aspiring health professionals with others in their chosen field. If you are thinking of becoming a pharmacy technician, check out these informative and entertaining blogs, written by and for pharmacy technicians.

Pharmacy Tech Resources: The Tech Blog
This blog from Pharmacy Tech Resources hosts discussions about items of interest to working pharmacy technicians, including legal and ethical issues, everyday experiences, and more. Most posts are written in response to reader questions. Some recent posts include A Question Regarding HIPAA, A Question about Differing State Laws, Maintaining Original Prescriptions.

Confessions of a Young Pharmacist
This blog’s title is “the answer as to why your prescription takes so damn long to fill…and evidence of how drugstore workday life warps the mind.” Get insights from a retail pharmacist about the industry and funny stories from the floor. Some recent posts include Attention Pharmacy Students: Take a Good Look Before You Decide to Enter Retail, I Must Give Big Pharma Credit Where Credit is Due. I’m Glad They Stopped the Corruption, Highlights from Friday’s Pill Counting Action.

Eric, Pharmacist
“There are a lot of pharmacist-written sites out there that rant about the issues we face as pharmacists. Sites that hate on the patients, insurance companies, etc. This blog is going to be a little different. I'm going to try to address issues that we face as pharmacists, but offer solutions and insights instead of complaining...too much.” Some recent posts include MTM Workshop, More Concerns about MTM, I Hope I’m Wrong about the Future of MTM.

The Ole’ Apothecary
This blog is written by a “U.S. pharmacist since the U.S. bicentennial,” and he has been blogging about the pharmaceutical industry since 2007. Some recent posts include A Declaration of Drug Store Independents, Are Pharmacy Services Valuable in Dollars and Cents?, The Public Demands Pharmacy Services?’ NOT!.

I Want to be a Pharmacist…
Phathead” is a second-year pharmacy student with over 10 years’ experience working in the industry. This blog shares personal and professional experiences along the way. Some top posts include A Day in the Life of a Lowly Pharmacy Drone, How I Almost Lost a Testicle, The Dark Side of Pharmacy.

The *Angriest* Pharmacist
This blog “takes a look at the real world of retail pharmacy with a splash of humor, dash of logic, and a little bit of rage at the unreal situations in which he finds himself.” Some top posts include The Last Day I’ll Ever be Questioned…, A Complete Guide to Visiting a Pharmacy, Removing the Wool.

The Blonde Pharmacist
This blonde pharmacist has worked in retail pharmacy and now works in a hospital pharmacy. The blog talks about news and developments in the pharmacy industry and shares personal experiences. Some recent posts include Working Together….We’ve Got Your Back (Or Not), Crime and Pharmacy, The Oxycodone Addict and Crime.

Pharmacist on Loan
This blog for business-savvy pharmacists offers information about how to start your own business as a freelance pharmacist. Get lots of practical advice, tips, and useful information. Some recent posts include Tracking Your Metrics as a Self-Employed Pharmacist, Landing Your First Client as a Self-Employed Pharmacist, How to Market Your Target Market.

Mrs. Pharmacist’s Blog
Mrs. Pharmacist has spent a lot of time working in a hospital pharmacy, but now she works part-time in a community pharmacy while trying to raise her two sons. Her blog shares her reflections on the industry and professional practice. Some recent posts include More Haste, Less Speed, Is Warfarin on Its Way Out?, On Call Payment Review and Confusion.

Pharmacist’s Place
This is “a site to discuss issues facing the pharmacy profession and reflect on my experiences as a pharmacist.” Joey, the blog author, says he would like to present a more positive view of the pharmacy industry than is typically depicted on other blogs. Some top posts include Central Fill, Workflow Efficiency, Being ‘Corporationy’.

The Pharmacy Chick
The Pharmacy Chick shares her tales of “flying the coop in retail” pharmacy. Some recent posts include Everything is $4 According to…, What I Would Like to See in My Pharmacy: My Technology Wish List, One of My Better Retorts!.

The Angry Pharmacist
Read rants from a working pharmacist about the day-to-day experiences of working with customers or about the industry in general. Some top posts include CoPays – When 95% Savings is Just Not Enough, The Big Socialized Medicine Post, The Price of Free.

The Politically Incorrect Pharmacist
This blog prides itself for “telling it like it is” about the pharmacy industry and life as a working pharmacist. Some recent posts include Are You Sorry?, New Study: Infant Mortality Rates Higher for Most Vaccinated, My Letter to APhA.

Counsel Me
“The frantic pharmacist” shares reflections on life as a working pharmacist, including triumphs and frustrations. Some recent posts include Dear Diary, Sorry for the Sour Tone, But I’m Tired, Category: Potpourri.

Fast Food Pharmacy
This blog promises to “bring the FAST and laughs to pharmacy.” A group of pharmacists writes about their day-to-day experiences and poses topics of discussion about trends and developments in the industry. Some recent posts include I Foresee a Misadventure, Let’s Talk about Sex, Clash of the Titans.

Mr. Dispenser
Mr. Dispenser is a community pharmacist from England who shares his thoughts and experiences about the profession. Some recent posts include Don’t Ask Me for Advice, Locums Deserve Respect, Fussy Patients/Pharmacists.

The Dose
The Dose is a web comic that presents “a day in the life of a pharmacist, four frames at a time.” Enjoy the comics or read the occasional post about the triumphs and tribulations of a working pharmacist.

Apothecary Tales: Pharmacy Awesomeness
This blog presents “legendary stories of a laid-back, sword-wielding, way too handsome to be behind a counter, pharmacist.” Some recent posts include The Unofficial Start of Busy Season!, FREE Birth Control for All!, The HIV/AIDS Pharmacy Patient!.

The Dispenser Diaries
Sophia Alice is “an organized, determined, co-ordinated, pro-active, pharmacist-nagging, hard-working, assiduous dispenser from Essex,” and her blog shares tales from behind the counter of her pharmacy job. Some recent posts include Spot the Difference, Dear Prescriber, Waste Not, Want Not.

Retail Pharmacy, Life, and General Lunacy
Pharmacy Mike shares his frustrations about “almost every detail of my life,” including his day-to-day work as a pharmacist. Some recent posts include Writing to Keep My Mind Sharp, This is Why Pharmacists are Suspicious of ALL Narcotics Prescriptions, My Technician’s Kid Gets Sick Means I Work More.

The Redheaded Pharmacist
The redheaded pharmacist is a retail pharmacist who blogs about “my thoughts, opinions, and stories from my experiences working as a pharmacist. I will also try to write about current events and legislative developments that impact the world of pharmacy.” Some recent posts include I’m Sick of Flu Shots Already, WALL-E, PharmD?, Great Expectations Coupled with a Dash of Apathy.

Last Refills
This blog presents “a portrait of the pharmacist as a young mind, swimming in words that would surface in some pharmacy blog. I left retail, but I am back and I am tired. These are my last refills.” Some top posts include The Blue Water Scandal and Other Drug Legends, My Prescribing Information, The Second Question.

Jim Plagakis
This blog talks “about pharmacists, technicians, and trouble at the drug store corral.” Read about personal experiences, get information about the latest pharmacy-related news, and participate in discussions about issues affecting the industry. Some recent posts include This is Not Bad News. The Boil Always Swells Before it Bursts, Everything is Impossible, Until it Isn’t, The Mathematics of Pharmacy.

Drug Magister
Here you’ll find the “ramblings of a UK pharmacist,” including day-to-day experiences and thoughts on the industry. Some recent posts include The Ethics We Live and Die By, Two-Edged Sword and a Tissue, Bullying Seems to be Rife in the NHS.

Healthy Outlook
On this blog, you’ll find “general comments, links and occasional twittering from a UK based pharmacist (chemist to you).” Some recent posts include Social Media – Pharmacists’ Friend or Foe?, How Other Health Professionals See…Pharmacists, Pharmacists Target New Patients for Medication Checks.

The Phunny Pharm
Mal Dongle is an Australian pharmacist, and his blog presents “Phunny stories from Phreaky Pharmacies - well, mostly...” Check out recent posts Phoxy Photos, Phalling Anatomy, When I’m at a Conpherence, Everything has to be Phree!.

The 3rd Floor
This is the blog of Brent Reed, and it “details my experiences as a clinical pharmacy specialist in cardiology at the University of North Carolina Hospitals & Clinics in Chapel Hill, NC. The specific floor designation has referred to different things throughout the history of this blog -- it now refers to the cardiology care floor, where I spend the majority of my time.” Some recent posts include Current Oasis 7: Finally Time to Abandon High-Dose Aspirin?, Saturn: Is Statin a Statin?.

Love Being a Pharmacist
This more than 20-year pharmacy vet shares her professional experiences and thoughts about the pharmaceutical industry on her blog. Some recent posts include Whether I Like it or Not, I am amazed!, Ever Want a Re-Do?.

The Pharmacy Alliance
This blog tries to promote “dignity, self-respect, and integrity in the profession of pharmacy.” Some recent posts include The State Boards Must be Held Accountable. The Laws are Not to be Ignored, Appropriate Rest Breaks for Pharmacists in the United Kingdom, The Tired Pharmacist is a Dangerous Pharmacist.

Free Wheeling to Chaos
This blog of an Irish pharmacist chronicles “the ongoing saga of one independent pharmacist’s attempt to struggle with the Goliath that is the HSE.” Some recent posts include September’s Article in IP, Electronic Cigarettes, How is Your Professional Role Valued?.

Pharmacy For You
This blog presents “Articles primarily about some aspect of community-based and hospital-based pharmacies, the pharmaceutical industry, organization, education, and related subjects.” Some recent posts include What is Onychomycosis? How Can it be Treated?, 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Pharmacist, Advantages of Online Pharmacies.

Jerry Fahrni
Jerry Fahrni has been a licensed pharmacist in California since 1997 and has worked in a hospital and in critical care. He is now a product manager for a company that specializes in pharmacy automation and technology, and he blogs about those topics. Some recent posts include What Healthcare Can Learn from Chevy, Witnessless Waste, a Novel Concept, Johns Hopkins ABX Guide for Android.

The Student Pharmacist
This blog is the home of the Top 200 Prescribed Drugs podcast, which discusses not only the properties and uses of commonly used drugs, but also talks about pharmaceutical practices and trends in the industry.

RX Informatica
A licensed pharmacist shares his thoughts on technology used in health care and pharmacy. Some recent posts include Useful Languages in Informatics: XML, A Comparison, HER Certification of Meaningful Use.

Science-Based Pharmacy
This blog promises to scrutinize pharmaceutical practices. “If it looks like pharmacy-based quackery, we intend to scrutinize it and report on it. We believe pharmacists are compromising the health and welfare of consumers through the sale of questionable products.” Some recent posts include Would You Like a Coke and Fries with Your Prescription?, Understanding and Treating Colic, Medication from the Coffee Shop? Examining Caffeine for the Treatment of ADHD.

@ Medication Use
This blog from an assistant professor pharmacy practice in Portland examines “medication-use evaluation and the healthcare system.” Some recent posts include E-Prescribing Now Permitted for Controlled Substances, Patient Satisfaction with Pharmacist Telephone-Based MTM, Pillbox – Pill Identification System.

Amy “RX” Baker
Amy is a pharmacy resident in Maui, and “this blog, at least for the next year, will be about my experiences as a community pharmacy resident on Maui, along with anything regarding pharmacy I feel worth mentioning.” Some recent posts include Caught in the Current, Can We Save Independent Pharmacy?, Independent Pharmacies May Get What they Deserve.

RX Informatics
“ seeks to better the healthcare, pharmacy, and information technology community by providing an online presence for collaboration.” Some recent posts include Rise of the Machines Allows Pharmacists to Reach for the Sky, What Was the First?, Clinical Informatics Becomes a Board-Certified Medical Subspecialty.

RX Doc
John Poikonen is a medical informaticist and pharmacist, and this blog shares his thoughts about both. Some recent posts include More Important than Informatics – Courage, The Pharmacy e-Health Information Technology Collaborative, ASHP: Continually in Pursuit of Hypocrisy.

Prescribing Advice for GPs
Matthew Robinson is a U.K.-registered pharmacist who has worked in retail pharmacy and as a consultant. “More recently, with the connection of all doctors' surgeries to the Internet and the wider use of so-called Web 2.0, it occurred to me that technology could be used to make information available more widely to guide treatment decisions and encourage discussion. This website is the result!” Some recent posts include Generic Olanzapine Launched, NSAIDs and Cardiovascular Risk, No Viroflu for Children Under 5.

Pill Guy’s Posterous
This blog is written by a healthcare and pharmacy technology practice consultant, and he discusses issues related to both pharmacy and healthcare informatics. Some recent posts include Healthcare Software: Thoughts on Usability, When Should We Teach Students about Pharmacy Informatics?, Do We See Only What We Want to See in EHRs?.

Unnatural Language Processing
Kevin Clauson is a “university professor focused on consumer health informatics and Web 2.0 from a pharmacy perspective. Other pet interests include digital health literacy, participatory medicine, and the impact of technology on the pharmacy workforce.” His blog shares his thoughts on these topics and others. Some recent posts include Pharmacy: Is There an App for You?, Knowledge, Skills, and Resources for Pharmacy Informatics Education, Community Pharmacists’ Use of Language Access Services.

Miss Intern Speaks Her Mind
Here you’ll find “rantings on school, work, and everything in between” from a newly licensed pharmacy intern who worked for several years as a technician. Some recent posts include Doc Alert: Diagnostic Findings of iPhone Interference on ECG, Searches and Drug Addicts, What? Percocet’s a Narcotic?.

This blog talks about the latest news and developments in the pharmaceutical industry, even those stories that are still just gossip. Some recent posts include Opposition Mounts to Express Scripts/Medco Merger, Merck Pay $1.5m Penalty for U.S. Pollution, Are Psychiatric Medications Making us Sicker?.

This blog from the publishers of PharmaLive discusses recent news, treatments, and other developments in the pharmaceutical industry. Some recent posts include Congress Probes Distributors over Drug Shortages, Tax Holidays, Job Losses, and Pharma, So Many Jobs are Gone, Pharma Layoffs Dwindle.

A Day at the Pharmacy
This is a brand-new blog, which will talk about working as a pharmacist and other related issues. Follow along from the start to watch this blog grow.
This blog strives to be an education resource for consumers – as well as pharmacists and pharmacy technicians – to learn about prescription medications and their interactions. Posts are sporadic, but there is an active forum with a lot of information, as well.

Raindrop is a hospital pharmacist who has worked in retail pharmacy and long-term care pharmacy. Her blog shares her insights and experiences from her professional life. Some recent posts include An Error Waiting to Happen, Patient’s Own Medications, Some Things Never Change.

The Angry Tech
“If you think the only angry person behind the pharmacy wall is the pharmacist then you're dead wrong! I'm an angry, angry pharmacy technician and I'm here to say what I can't really say at work!” Some recent posts include At Least Put Some Effort Into It…, Have You Ever…, Same Chain – Different Store.

The Angry Intern
Even though this blog author is not an intern anymore and not “angry/annoyed as I used to be,” the blog continues to share experiences and reflections about working as a pharmacist. The blog has updated sporadically, but the archives provide many interesting posts.

You Stay Classy, Arkansas!
This blog is part personal, part pharmacy-related. You’ll read lots of posts about Pharmacist Erin’s life as a working pharmacist, but you’ll also read lots of post about her family and other personal interests. Some recent posts include No Savings for You!, Victoria is Showing her Secret, Things that Make You Go Hmmm.

A Day of Pharmacist
You can practice your Japanese and read about pharmaceutical issues, medicine, and health care on this new blog. Use a text translation service such as Babel Fish if you’re not up on your Japanese.

The Pharmacy Technician Blog
This blog “by, for, and about pharmacy technicians” offers insights from a working pharmacy technician about professional life and personal experiences. Some recent posts include Zyflamend Flying off the Shelves, Inhumana (Humana) Tactics, The Pseudoephedrine Database Begins.

Pharmacy Technician Certification
This comprehensive site offers information about completing your degree and useful health information for pharmacists. Some recent posts include 50 Best Twitter Feeds for Pharma News, 10 Ancient Remedies that are Still Around Today, 10 Seriously Disturbing Facts about Soda.

Pharmacy Tech Study
Get lots of useful information to study for your pharmacy technician degree and licensure testing. Some recent posts include PTCB Study Books, Drug Suspension Conversion, Question about Drug Storage.

Pharmacy Technology Resource
This pharmacy technology blog discusses recent news and developments in the pharmaceutical industry. Some recent posts include Local Pharmacists Ready to Administer Seasonal Flu Vaccines, What’s Your Pharmacy Data Operations Telling You?, Changing the Future of Independent Pharmacy.

Pharmacy Technician Certification
A veteran pharmacist writes this blog to help other pharmacy technicians advance in their careers. He explains, “During my years working, I have found that pharmacy technicians with training and certification are the best assets to a pharmacist and a pharmacy. Knowledgeable pharmacy technicians can command a higher salary and can move up the career ladder much faster.” Some recent posts include Improved Safety Practices Can Help Reduce Adverse Drug Reactions, New Genetics Based Melanoma Therapy, An End to Chickenpox?.

Pharmacy Technician Career Guide
This resource-rich site offers information for pharmacy students and working pharmacy technicians. Some recent posts include Pharmacy Technician – Continuing Education Requirements, Pharmacy Technician Pay – Starting Salaries and Average Salaries, Pharmacy Technician Exam – How to Prepare Yourself.

Ph Blog
Aspiring Pharmacy Technician Students will find lots of useful review and study information here to prepare for licensing tests. There are many practice questions and exercises for the PTCE and PTCB. Though the blog has not been updated in a while, there is plenty of useful material in the archives.

Access Rx
Get lots of great information about medication and general health on this blog from online pharmacy Access Rx. Some recent posts include Men Taking ED Drugs at Higher Risk for STDs, Leprosy: Still Lingering in the Shadows, Headaches: How to Get Them out of Your Head.

Pharmacy Technician Training
Aspiring pharmacy technicians can learn about the training required to begin this career, get information about schools, and get practical advice on this blog. Some recent posts include Pharmacy Technician – One of the Top Five Promising Healthcare Careers!, What Does a Pharmacy Technician Do?, Opportunity Awaits the Certified Pharmacy Technician.

Pharmacy Technician Training
Aspiring pharmacy technicians can learn about the training required to begin this career, get information about schools, and get practical advice on this blog. Some recent posts include Pharmacy Technician – One of the Top Five Promising Healthcare Careers!, What Does a Pharmacy Technician Do?, Opportunity Awaits the Certified Pharmacy Technician.

This blog offers advice for students who would like to begin pharmacy training. Check out recent posts Pharmacy School Organizations, Pharm.D., a Versatile Degree, Top 200 Drugs.

Online Pharmacy and Prescription Drug Review
Here you’ll find articles “discussing personal drug importation, online pharmacies, and drug prices on behalf of the American consumer.” Some recent posts include In Medicare ‘Doughnut Hole’ 3.4 Million Stop Taking their Medication, The Google Online Pharmacy Settlement: Why It’s Both Right and Wrong, New Drug Savings Options Needed as 43,000 Illinois Residents Lose Benefits.

Pharmacy Technician Schools
Get information about pharmacy schools, training, careers, salaries, and more on this comprehensive site. You can also get information about specific schools and programs.

Pharmacist Job Connection
Get lots of career advice and information about pharmacy jobs and trends on this comprehensive site. Some recent posts include Frustrations Communicating with Your Staff, Pharmacy Job Market Update – Mid-Year 2011, Ready to Take Action and Turn Around Your Demotivated Pharmacy Staff?.

Down on the Pharm
This retail pharmacist shares interesting and funny stories from experiences in the pharmacy and poses some interesting topics of discussion for other pharmacists. Though the blog has not been updated in some time, there are still a lot of great posts in the archive. Check out Priorities, I Thought I Had Seen it All…, I Hope You Feel Better.

The Canadian Pharmacist
This blog presents “the everyday musings of a Canadian Pharmacist. The good, the bad, and of course, the ugly of what Canadian Pharmacists must endure on a day to day basis.” Check out I’m Going Solo, Small Pharmacy is Really Screwed, but that Doesn’t Mean I Can’t be Only a Little Screwed, Call to Action.

And You Wonder Why Your Pharmacist Never Smiles
This blog shares the “rants and ravings of a seriously pissed off pharmacist.” The blog has not been updated in some time, but the archives offer a lot of useful and interesting posts. Check out Attitude Problem, Different Hospital, Same Stupid Patients, It’s About Time.

Adventures of a Tablet Counter
This U.K.-based blogger is a recent graduate who is working as a pre-registration pharmacist. “This blog will chart his progress, his feelings and his hopes and fears during the one year placement before his pharmacist registration exam.” Check out Secret Ingredients…, Sinus Rhythm, Start Spreading the News….

Stories of the Incredibly Stupid
Read funny and irreverent tales from behind the counter on this fun pharmacy blog. Though the posts are no longer being updated, there is a lot of interesting material in the archives. Check out Mom of the Year, I am in Control…, It ALL Costs Money, Honey.

A Day at the Pharmacy
Here you’ll read about “comings and goings from a provincial, small-town pharmacy in The United Kingdom. Bozos, weirdoes, freaks, and the very occasional lovely patient.” Check out Beware the Spinal Trap, Pandemic Flu? .

Digital Pharmacist
This blog provides lots of useful information for working pharmacists and students. There is discussion about recent news, as well as developments in the industry. Check out Generic Drugs and the Media, Tablets – To Split or Not to Split?, Homeopathic Remedies – Zicam Debacle.

The Cracked Pestle
Nana Jackie blogs about “life in the pharm lane.” She shares her professional experiences as a pharmacist, as well as some experiences from her personal life. The blog has not been updated for some time, but there are plenty of posts in the archives that offer insights into the life of a working pharmacist.

I’m (Going to Be) a Pharmacist, Not a Psychic
“Musings and rants from a pharmacy intern who is, unfortunately, not a psychic despite the patients who seem to think so. I have no way of knowing when your doctor will call your prescription in, if the pharmacy across town has any neti pots in stock, or which of your medications you are out of. They don't hand out crystal balls at pharmacy school.” The blog has not been updated in some time, so the blog author is likely no longer an intern. However, the archives still have a lot of posts with insights into the life of a pharmacy student.

My Threshhold Has Been Met
Ms. Mean is a Washington-based pharmacist who writes about the frustrations of professional life. She has not updated her blog in a while, but there are several years’ worth of archives to peruse.

What’s that Sig?!?
The blog shares insights about pharmacy through the eyes of a technician. “Dedicated Tech” has been working for over a decade for a large retail chain, and this blog shares day-to-day experiences and insights.

Dee Spencer
“So what’s it like to go back into community pharmacy following a number of years pursuing other avenues of pharmacy, and being faced with a new pharmacy contract?” Find out with this blog from a U.K.-based pharmacist.

The Pharmacy Idealist
This self-proclaimed positive pharmacy blog shares insights about pharmacy, the health-care system, and community health. The blog has not been updated in some time, but there are interesting discussions about the pharmaceutical industry and health care in the archives.

RxMike is Mike Johnston, a certified pharmacy technician who helped establish the National Pharmacy Technician Association. He blogs about the pharmaceutical industry and other topics of interest.

Count by Five
This blog presents “A collection of half-inebriated, non-sequitur rants and ramblings from the hellish mondane world of retail pharmacy.” The blog is no longer being updated, but the archives provide a lot of great posts that share the day-to-day experiences and insights of a working pharmacist.

0.2M Blog
James R. was a third-year pharmacy student at the time this blog was being updated, and the posts share his thoughts about the journey of completing a pharmacy degree and working towards licensure.

Pharmdrugs Today
This blog talks about medicine and biotechnology. Posts are not current, but there is plenty of scholarly material in the archives. Check out Primer Design, RNA Interface, Share Your Knowledge.

Pharmacist Daily
This is “a blog for all pharmacists to discuss the daily challenges facing them in their pharmacy career search. This blog focuses on giving current information on the ever changing landscape of pharmacy and also providing insight into education, job search, salary, salary negotiation, interview, job preparation, career development and career satisfaction.” Some posts are now dated as they are tied to then-recent news and studies, but there is a lot of useful information in the archive.

Get lots of useful advice about how to advance your career or find your next pharmacy job on this blog. Check out Pharmacists – Quitting Your Job, the New Job Hunting Strategy!, Pharmacists – Don’t Bungle Your Next Job Change, Pharmacists – The #1 Most Successful Job Seeking Strategy.

Pharmacy Slave
The Pharmacy Slave shares day-to-day experiences and frustrations as a working pharmacy technician. The blog is no longer being updated, but the archives are still available for insights about the daily experiences of working in a pharmacy.

Soul Sucking Pharmacy
TiredRPH has worked as a pharmacy technician and a pharmacist for nearly 20 years. This blog shares his thoughts and experiences on the job. Though the blog has not been updated in some time, there are a lot of great posts in the archives that show candor and humor.

Stairway to Pharmacy
The author of this blog is a registered pharmacist working in a government health clinic, and he shares his thoughts and experiences about life as a pharmacist. There are also a lot of links and helpful resources available for pharmacists.

List of Things that Make Hospital Pharmacists Irate
This blog was formerly known as “The Apathetic Pharmacist.” Now the blog shares frustrations and – as the blog title states – things that make hospital pharmacists irate. Such items include medication reconciliation sheets, “the mysterious black hole,” and rotations. br />

The Professional Drug Dealer
Nathan is another pharmacist blogging about his experiences and his thoughts on the healthcare industry. Check out Oh crap…, My Day at the Grind.

The Welsh Pharmacist
In addition to irreverent and brash posts about the pharmaceutical industry, this Welsh pharmacist also writes diatribes about politics, current events, and other topics of interest.

UK Community Pharmacist
Here you’ll find posts about the pharmaceutical industry, working conditions, patient interactions, and much more. The blog has not been updated in some time, but there is a vast archive with interesting posts.

Andrew is a certified pharmacy technician who works in retail pharmacy in Washington, D.C. His blog talks about funny things that happen on the job. Check out Must Be Something in the Water, Our Good Deed for the Day, (Don’t) Cut to the Chase.

Pissed Pharmacist
Here’s another disgruntled pharmacist venting about the frustrations of the job and the people she meets. The blog is no longer being updated, but the archives have a lot of useful information that provide insights into the day-to-day experiences of the job.

This blog offers readers a daily dose of pharmacy life and news. “POQD, in its purest form, aims to press at the throbbing pulse of all that fuels the burning fire of a thrill-ride that is the pharmacy profession.” Check out You and Me Could Write a Bad Romance, Take This Job and Love It, Tick Tock.

Secundum Artem
This blog about the pharmaceutical industry is written by a pharmacy student and offers thoughts about “medicine, science, politics, ethics, life, and the connections between them.” Though the blog has not been updated in some time, the archives host many interesting and insightful posts.

Malaysian Pharmacist
This blog hosts interesting discussions about issues pertinent to the pharmaceutical practice in Malaysia and in other countries.

Greg’s Pharmacy Blog
Greg talks about news and developments in the pharmaceutical industry and offers some reflections about healthcare in general.

If you don’t want to add all these blogs to your Google reader, or just don’t have the time to keep up with them individually, this blog aggregator culls all the latest posts from pharmacy-related blogs for your reading pleasure.

This is another great pharmacy blog aggregator to help you keep up with the latest from your fellow pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

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