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Whether you are a woman looking to live a healthier lifestyle, or student who wants to specialize in womens' healthcare, the following blogs—many written by women healthcare professionals—make for informative and inspiring reading. From blogs about exercise and eating right to those dealing with cancer, is proud to promote these special resources just for women

Our Bodies, Ourselves
Get information about women's health news and analysis from this authoritative source. Some recent posts include The Health Cost of Black Women's Hair Products, BRCA Genes and Cancer Outcomes, Taking a Look at Osteoperosis Drugs and Fracture Risks.

Women's Health Bistro
The blog editors here talk about "all things that make women women," including "belly fat, boob size, plumbing issues, raging hormones and other exclusive, off-the-record conversations." Some recent posts include Give Your Body New Management, How to Stop Emotional Hydroplaning, Can You Raise Your IQ?.

Institute for Women's Health Research Blog
This blog from Northwestern University shares information about women's health and the latest research related to women's health. Some recent posts include Blood Pressure Changes at Middle Age Raises Risk for Later Heart Attack or Stroke, A New Kind of 'Road Rage', Report Provides New Insight Into Risks for Stillbirths.

Life Script
Find extensive information about a variety of health topics for women on this extensive blog. Recent posts include Do You Need a Pap Test Every Year?, Eat a Heart-Healthy Diet and Lose Weight, Are You Deficient in Vitamin D?.

Women's Health Zone
Here's another comprehensive site offering information about a wide variety of topics related to women's health, wellness, and fitness. Some popular posts include Are Blood Clots During Menstruation Normal?, Causes of Hormonal Imbalance in Women, Reasons Behind Irregular Periods.

Women's Health Line
Get information about a variety of topics related to women's health so that you can cultivate "a better you." Some recent posts include Postpartum Abdominal Muscle Pain, Tips for Reducing Skin Melanin Naturally, Depression During Periods.

Get news and information for the health and wellness of women of all ages on this blog from a group of OB/GYNs. Recent posts include Love Your Post-Baby Body, Cultural View of Big Bellies, Women Today are Putting off Having Kids.

Real Self
Find discussions here about plastic surgery, self-image, and other issues related to women's health and well-being. Some recent posts include Legendary Supermodels Talk Aging and Plastic Surgery, Want a Celebrity Body? Here's What It'll Cost You, H&M Models are Computer Generated.

A Woman's Guide to Saner Living
" Saner Living is about creating a life that feels good." This blog tackles subjects such as health, relationships, spirituality, and more. A new blog by the same author incorporates women's issues into a larger discussion about saner living. Check out recent posts Is Self-Compassion the Most Important Life Skill?, The Top Three Communication No-Nos, Oscar Wilde Teaches a Lesson in Communication.

Flash Free
This blog explores menopause and related issues for the modern woman. Topics include health, sexuality, aging, and more. Some recent posts include Three Words for 2012: You are Beautiful, Is DHEA the Path Towards a Better Sex Life?, Can Yerba Mate Protect Your Bones?.

Growing Older, Sexier, and Skinnier
Follow along on this woman's journey toward health and wellness after menopause, and learn some health and wellness tips along the way. Some recent posts include A Woman's Maximum Heart Rate, The Importance of Walking, Looking Forward to Exercise?.

Bikinis and Bifocals
This site aims to build a community of women to share information about health, aging, and other topics. Some recent posts include Insomnia - Is This Another Issue Baby Boomer Women are Expected to Just Accept?, The Power of Hope, Belief, Faith, Whatever You Want to Call It, The Lesson Not Only Our Children Should Learn but the Country As Well!.

Breast Cancer is a Bitch
Get information here about breast cancer, including resources for survivors. Some recent posts include Tamoxifen Users - Don't Take Antidepressants, Too!, Chemo and Nerve Damage (Neuropathy), Breast Reconstruction - Implants and Nipple/Areola Tattoos.

Menopause Chit Chat
Get lots of useful information about menopause and health past your 40s on this blog. Some recent posts include Has Menopause Changed You?, Massage Therapy for Menopause Symptoms, What Preventative Measures Do Women in Their 40s Need to Take to Maintain Heart Health?.

The Healthy Life Coach
Abigail Steidley is a mind-body coach who shares her expertise to help women overcome pain, manage depression and other mental or emotional issues, and to create overall health and wellness. Some recent posts include Practice Being Kind - To You, Want to Heal? Be a Hot Mess, Putting Mind-Body Healing to the Test.

Women's Health News
Here you'll find "women's health topics, news, policy, and resources from a medical librarian." Recent posts include Evidence Trampled by Politics: Sebelius Overrides FDA Decision on OTC Emergency Contraception, In Which I'm an Irrepressible Optimist about Obama, Birth Control, and Those Bishops, Before Following Pill Bottle Warnings, I Want to Know Why.

Libby's H.O.P.E.
This blog's goal is "Helping Ovarian Cancer Survivors Persevere through Education." Find lots of information about diagnosing and treating ovarian cancer, as well as news and discussion related to cancer research. Some recent posts include Canadian Researchers Link DICER1 Gene Mutation to Non-Epithelial Ovarian Cancers and Other Rare Tumor Types, Ovarian Cancer Tumors Can Grow for Ten Years or More Before Being Detected by Today's Blood Tests, An Attitude of Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day.

Embrace Your Heart
Eliz Greene survived a heart attack when she was 35 and pregnant with twins. She overcame her health issues and shares her tips on her blog. " Let my 'wake-up call' work for you. Embrace Your Heart strategies are well researched, ag friendly – and most importantly – ones you can fit into your busy day." Recent posts include Is Stress the New Office Bug?, Are You Sitting Too Much?, The Skinny on Obesity.

Looking Good (For a Mom)
This blog chronicles "one mom's journey through health and fitness as she reclaims the body she had before kids." She shares her tips for health and fitness on the blog. Some recent posts include Get Out and Go, Getting Started with Kettlebells, Eat Local - Join a C.S.A..

First, Do No Harm
This blog shares "real stories of fat prejudice in health care," as well as information for how to overcome that prejudice and to secure proper health care for wellness. Recent posts include Young? Chest Pain? Fat? It's Your Weight, It Can't be Your Gallbladder (Even if Tests Say Otherwise), Period after Menopause is NOT Normal - Get a Second Opinion if Necessary, Enlarged Thyroid Nothing to Worry About - Get a Second Opinion!.

Sistas of Strength
Get information on this blog about fitness, nutrition, pregnancy, motherhood, and other topics related to women's health. Recent posts include Building Strength, When Did Eating Healthy Become Weird?, Turkish Getups to Improves Shoulder Stability.

The Woman's Survival Guide to Sexual Health
This blog explores information about sexuality and sexual health for women of all ages. Recent posts include Labour and Delivery, Don't Let Fear Prevent You from Getting Tested, Did You Know?.

Catherine Morgan at BlogHer
Catherine Morgan is a nurse and mother who decided to share her knowledge of healthful living with other women after being diagnosed with a chronic health condition. Check out recent posts Breast Cancer Under Age 40: What You Might Not Know, and How You Could Help, Popular Quit-Smoking Drug Linked to 150 Suicides: Is Chantix Worth the Risk?, New Study Finds Prostate Cancer Screening May Have No Benefit.

Between Us Girls
This blog aims to share "the knowledge we need to grow" with other women by discussing topics relevant to women, including health and wellness. Some recent posts include That's Perfect! Unfortunately, I'm Not, Frustration: Friend or Foe?, Mid-Life Women Contracting HIV: The Hidden Epidemic.

Grow Older Better
Women can find advice and information here about the aging process and how to understand it in the context of individual experience. Some recent posts include How to Figure Out What You Can Do with Your Skills, Drugs, Depression and Getting Old, Vitamins and Older Women: Some Thoughts.

Ideas for Women
This comprehensive site strives to provide ideas for "inspiring, daring, educating women to achieve and succeed." The health and fitness section provides information and ideas for achieving optimal health. Some recent posts include Vitamin D and Very Pale Skin, If You're Pregnant - Exercise!, More Nutrition Ideas to Reduce Colon Cancer Risk.

Self Defense for Women
Safety is a critical part of health for every woman. Learn basic techniques and information about remaining safe on this blog. Recent posts include How Can Women Use Horse Stance to Defend Herself, How to Do a Wrist Release Move in Women's Self Defense, The Reality of Women's Self Defense and Child Protection.

The Breast Cancer Reconstruction Blog
This blog offers the "latest news and views on breast cancer reconstruction from a breast reconstruction specialist." Some recent posts include Reconstructing Breasts with Sensation, Alloderm Breast Reconstruction, Breast Reconstruction Can be Performed Any Time.

Phuli Cohan, M.D.
This doctor's blog is "dedicated to rejuvenating your health" by offering advice and information about a variety of topics related to women's health. Check out recent posts How to Ask Your Doctor for Bioidentical Hormones, Latest JAMA Article Supports Estrogen, Finally!, Mammogram Debate, Solved with Recent Study?.

Immortal Palace has moved to Josie Bouchier's own blog
Josie Bouchier is an acupuncturist and the owner of Immortal Palace, where she specializes in women's health and nutrition. Her blog shares advice and information for women of all ages. Some recent posts include 5 Simple Strategies to Easily Digest Your Food, 5 Easy Steps to Banish Stress from Your Life for Good, 9 Simple Steps to Accomplish Everything You've Ever Wanted.

MuTu System
Women who are trying to lose weight after a pregnancy can find a tailored program for fitness and nutrition at this blog. Women who are just looking to improve overall health and fitness can also find plenty of useful information here. Some recent posts include Flatten Your Stomach and Find Your Confidence in 2012, Exercise After C-Section, The Most-Used Excuses Not to Exercise or Eat Well, and How to Move Past Them.

Breast Cancer. I Would Rather Have Had Chocolate.
Beryl Morgan writes this blog to share her experiences with breast cancer -- both to help herself through the experience and to help other women who might be going through the same thing. Check out recent posts It's All Cancer. It's All Crap. And It All Needs to Stop, Very Cool Companies Support Breast Cancer Research, To Tattoo or Not to Tattoo, That is the Question.

Find hundreds of articles here about topics related to women's health, including diet, fitness, sexuality, and more. Some recent posts include Snack the Smart Way and Lose Weight, Healthy Resolution Ideas: Have More Sex!, Create Your Own Workday Fitness Routine.

Smart Health Shop
Learn about health supplementation, pregnancy, fitness, wellness, and other topics of interest to women's health. Check out recent posts Pregnancy Symptoms - What to Appreciate, Urinary Tract Infection Remedies, Honest Review of Home Pregnancy Massage.

My OB Said What?
Learn from other women's horror stories with their OB on this blog, which shares actual stories of what women's obstetricians have said to them. Check out recent posts You Can't Change the Consent Form!, We'll Do You a Lovely Caesarean, Now, If You Didn't Notice, You're Obese.

For the Good of Girls
Learn about health topics related to the wellness of girls, so that you can help them to become strong and healthy women. Some recent posts include Improving Self-Esteem, One Girl at a Time, Tanning and Teens: 5 Myths that Parents Should Know, When Should Your Daughter Start Pap Screening?.

Diary of a Cancer Patient
Here's you'll find " a first-hand account of living life with recurrent ovarian cancer." Get quality information about living with and treating this disease from someone who has lived through it. Check out recent posts Having a Family After Cancer, A Very Big Scare, Can You Ever Move On from Having Cancer?.

Tubal Ligation Reversal
Get information here about reversing tubal ligation procedures to have healthy, successful later pregnancies. Some recent posts include Reverse Essure Procedure Results in Birth, Tubal Reversal Success Rate, Tax Refunds Fund Tubal Reversal Surgery.

What's Up Down There?
Dr. Lissa Rankin hosts this blog, which answers questions about women's reproductive and sexual health. There are posts for women and young girls, including information to help parents talk to their daughters. Some recent posts include Going to the Spa? Steam Your Vagina: An OB/GYN's Thoughts on Vaginal Steam Baths, VBAC at Home: Courageous or Crazy?, HPV on Pap Smear.

This women's health blog from Summa Health System explores issues that are important to women and women's health. Some recent posts include The Holiday Season: Love It or Hate It?, Mission Possible: Finding the Perfect Bra, Are You Afraid to Talk About It?.

Living a Whole Life
Two sisters-in-law run this blog, which offers information about health and well-being through holistic nutrition and naturopathy. "We believe that disease is preventable and that good nutrition is the key to living a long healthy life." Check out Nourishing Herbal Infusions, Coconut Water, Serving Size.

Chronic Babe
"If you're a sick chick in search of like-minded folks—the kind of people who are living well in spite of illness—you're in the right place! ChronicBabe offers hundreds of resources designed to help you keep on being a Babe, even with chronic illness." Some recent posts include If I Go to This Party, Should I Explain My Pain?, The Illness Picture: A New Way to Tell My Chronic Illness Story, It's the Little Things.

Homemade Beauty with Victoria
Learn how to maintain healthy skin and to treat skin disorders and conditions with homemade, natural remedies from this blog. Some recent posts include Apple Cider Vinegar and Acne, Unexpected Results from Soap Nuts, 10 Foods to Avoid to Stay Beautiful.

Advancing Women's Health Blog
"Gain insights into timely research, news, and programs, featuring sex and gender related women's health resources. Discover medical meetings, continuing education courses, and information to expand your clinical experience as relates to Sex and Gender specific medical care of women." Recent posts include Is Medicine Becoming a Woman's World?, Should Timing of First Colonoscopy Change for Women?, Full Coverage, No Cost to Women for 8 New Preventive Health Services.

Heart Sisters
This blog is dedicated to providing information about women and heart disease. It provides information for the general public, heart patients, and students. Check out recent posts The Lost Art of Common Courtesy in Medicine, Pregnancy: The Ultimate Cardiac Stress Test, 'Seeking Social Solace:' Why Aren't Heart Patients Online?.

Fitness 4 Her
This blog offers information about achieving health and fitness for women of all ages. Some recent posts include Affirmations for Healthy Eating, Karen Reveals 5 Secrets to Successful Dieting, Visualization, the Key to Women's Fitness.

Menopause the Blog
This blog promises "timely, unbiased information" about menopause and other health issues for older women. Some recent posts include A Wallet-Friendly Approach to Fitness. No Gym Required, If You Do These Three Things, the Menopause Years Will be Easier, 10 Foods with High Amounts of Phytoestrogens.

Women Talk: Notes from the Nursery
This blog from Healthy Women explores issues related to women's health and the health of families. Check out recent posts Fight the Temptation of Fast Food, Expert Tips on Eating Healthy During Pregnancy, 7 Fun Activities to Get Your Family off the Couch.

Women's Health Nutrition
This "is a blog about women health, nutrition, best source of information on healthy living, health supplements, health benefits and medicine for a better health and lots more." Some recent posts include Stress and Overeating, 10 Things You Must Know about the Brain, Women's Nutrition Needs More Special Attention.

Well Wise
This blog covers a variety of health topics, including a special section on women's health. Some recent posts include Best Fitness Foods for Women, Should Women Take Calcium Supplements..., Three Natural Health Basics I Would Teach Everyone If I Could....

Women with Cancer
Jody invites readers to "please join me as I develop an on-line community that supports, empowers and motivates women with cancer." Check out recent posts Bolero Isn't Just about Fashion Anymore, Genomic Testing can Now Guide DCIS Treatment Decisions, Health Care: IRL.

Fit Bottomed Girls
Four bloggers maintain this site, which provides an extensive array of information about fitness, health, and nutrition. There are also recipes and product reviews. Some recent posts include Being Sick and Working Out: Finding the Right Balance, 10 Easy Ways to Find Time to Exercise, How to Overcome 5 Fitness Fears.

Coming 2 Terms
Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos wrote this blog to chronicle her journey to coming to terms with her infertility and to help other women experiencing the same problems. Check out The Game of Life, Tough Talk: Living without Children after Infertility, Barren Doesn't Mean Gay.

Beating Breast Cancer
A husband and wife team write this blog that offers information about treating and overcoming breast cancer. The husband is a doctor, and the wife is a nurse who overcame breast cancer herself. Check out Weight Gain - Herceptin, Shoulder Pain and Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Travel Insurance.

Food, Fitness, Fashion
Learn how to eat healthy and stay fit while also remaining fashionable with information from this blog. Some recent posts include Yoga: Effective - If the Cause of the Pain in Your Back is Physical, Heriloom Cantaloupe, Beware of (Chinese) Pine Nuts.

Fit After 50 Women's Health Magazine
Find lots of information here for women over 50 on maintaining health and fitness. Some recent posts include Workout Tips for Long-Term Success, The Best Way to Lose Weight for Mature Women, Healthy Living Tips to Make You Feel Younger.

Fertility Musings, Question and Answers and News
"Infertility is a very personal topic, but those who suffer from infertility share many concerns and experiences. Fertility Stories is the place where you can read personal stories written by people who are going through the same things you are." Some recent posts include Lab-Grown Sperm, Flunking the Fertility IQ Test, A Baby after Cervical Cancer.

MGH Center for Women's Mental Health
This blog from Massachusetts General Hospital acts as a reproductive psychiatry resource and information center. Check out recent posts PTSD and Pregnancy, Light Therapy: A Good Alternative to Medications During Pregnancy?, Autism Spectrum Disorders and SSRIs.

Fabulously 40 and Beyond
Several bloggers contribute to this site, which focuses on health and wellness for women over 40. Some recent posts include Be True to Yourself, The Best Weight Loss Tips of 2011, The Big Let Down.

Well Woman Blog
This blog offers information about health and wellness for women of all ages. Some recent posts include Natural Remedies for Menopause, Supplements for Pregnancy and PMS, Breast Cancer - Pop a Pill to Prevent It.

A Weight Lifted
Here you'll find "healthy weight loss for women tired of dieting" and for those interested in becoming more active and fit. Some recent posts include The Worst Diets of 2011, Weight Loss - The 'Should', Starting the New Year Diet-Free.

Women's Fitness Today
This blog promises to deliver "the best health, fitness, and diet tips for women." Some recent posts include How Green Tea Strengthens Your Entire Body and Helps You Fight Ailment, Can Headaches be a Result of Exercise?, Smart Strategies to Lose Weight Quickly.

Women's Lifestyle Publications
This extensive blog covers " self development, women's fitness, women's health, women's lifestyle and wealth." Check out recent posts Why You Should Learn Self-Defense for Women, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - A Guide to Pregnancy, Energy Tips to Keep You from Maxing Your Household Budget.

Dr. Ann Louise, First Lady of Nutrition
Get specific information here about women's health and menopause, in addition to general health and diet tips. Some recent posts include Erase Dark Circles, Wrinkles and Rosacea from the Inside Out, Taking Charge of Hormone Havoc: The Progesterone Connection, Breast Health DOs.

All About Her
This Canadian blog focuses on several topics of interest to women, including fashion, beauty, skin care, and health. Some recent health-related posts include Relieving Anxiety through Yoga, Sleep Tips for the Restless, How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise.

Busy Women's Fitness
This blog from personal trainer Cindy Brotherston offers tips for busy women who want to lose weight, get fit, and improve health. Check out recent posts Bike Trailers Make Healthy Living a Family Affair, Getting Started on a Better Lifestyle can be the Hardest Part, Tips for Staying Motivated to Exercise.

Women's Health Foundation
This community blog offers an array of information about all topics related to women's health. The blog can be browsed by topic or age group. Some recent posts include Pelvic Pain: Be Wary of the Warning Signs of Cancer, Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Incontinence, A Tidbit on Urethral Prolapse.

Best Health
This extensive health blog offers information on a variety of topics, including women's health. Some recent posts related to women's health include The Skinny on Winter Dryness, As Few as Three Drinks a Week May Up Breast Cancer Risk, Be Health Conscious, Not Weight Conscious.

Black Girls Run!
This blog was founded "in an effort to tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the African-American community and provide encouragement and resources to both new and veteran runners." Some recent posts include Resolutions vs. Goals: Start Your New Year Right, Running Like a Rock Star, Outsmart Stress Traps.

The Healthy Moms Magazine
Get information here about women's health and family health. Moms can learn how to better care for themselves and their family with the tips and information found here. Some recent posts include Common Causes of Hair Loss in Women, Are You Taking Care of Your Feminine Health?, Sunburns and Pregnancy.

Women's Health Fitness
Learn all about women's health, fitness, and nutrition on this blog. Check out recent posts The Best Protein Powders are Usually Found in Specific Stores, but First, What are the Best Protein Powders?, Strength Training for Women is Important for Women of All Ages, Fat Burning by Training and Eating Correctly.

Balanced Women's Health
This blog offers "a balanced approach to the latest news and advances in women's health incorporating traditional western and integrative medicine." Some recent posts include Simply Healthy in the New Year, Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, The Safety of Soy Supplements.

Pregnancy Pilates
This blog offers information to help you practice healthy exercise during your pregnancy and to get fit fast after delivery. There is also general information about pregnancy and other women's health issues. Some recent posts include Type I Diabetes Symptoms, How to Deal with Constipation during Pregnancy, Ovarian Cysts and Pregnancy.

Nubian Fitness Goddess
This blog author explains: " Motivated by the lack of information about Black Women's Fitness issues, I am creating a Community for Black Women to voice their concerns and discuss issues related to physical health. I will share information about my experience. We all know that the Black Women's experience has its complexities. From the prevalence of diabetes and breast cancer in our community to not working out because we just paid $75 dollars to get our hair done, there are a ton of issues!" Some recent posts include Why Is It So Difficult to Find Whole Grain Bread without Sugar or Preservatives?, Avoid Office Temptations, The Hair Issue: Dealing with Hair and Sweat.

Girl Get Strong
This online fitness magazine provides tips for getting in shape, eating more nutritiously and improving overall health and wellness. Some recent posts include The Secret to Fixing those Food Fix-Ups, Fitness or Fatness - Which Has More Impact on Health?, Simplify to Boost Your Health this New Year.

Happily Pregnant: Articles, Videos, Tips and Books on Pregnancy
The title of this blog says it all. Get all the information you need about how to get pregnant and to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Some recent posts include Abdominal Cramps during Early Pregnancy, Avoid a Caesarean - How to Induce Labor Naturally, All about Labor and Delivery.

Dr. Erika's Blog
This blog promises to offer "a space dedicated to the education of women and to show them how to live a balanced and healthy life at any age." Dr. Erika specializes in bioidentical hormone therapies and disease prevention. Some recent posts include Crying Babies and Testerone, HCG in the HRT Practice, HCG Diet - Frequently Asked Questions.

A Bold Pace
This running blog is for "forty something" women who want to run to stay in shape and promote health. "Our goal with this blog is to share, inform, encourage, and perhaps inspire in an effort to help us all keep up!" There are recipes, product reviews, details about races, music suggestions, and much more.

Maternal Health Task Force
This site is dedicated to information about the health of mothers and their children. There is information here about the latest news, research, and much more.

Disruptive Women in Health Care
The purpose of this blog is to challenge the status quo and to "serve as a platform for provocative ideas, thoughts, and solutions in the health sphere. We recognize that to accomplish this, we need to call on experts outside of the health industry." Some recent posts include The Surprising Economic Burden of ADHD, Make 2012 the Year of Living Health-fully, The Potential for mHealth in Nigeria and Africa.

The Healthy Woman Blog
This blog from Dr. Armity Simon presents information on all topics relevant to women's health care, including hormone therapy, reproductive health, and more. Some recent posts include Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, Black Cohosh Shown to Relieve Symptoms of Menopause, Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

Amazing Grays
This blog focuses on helping you "make the next 50 your best 50 - regardless of your hair color." Posts focus on aging gracefully, creating health, and discovering the best about yourself. Some recent posts include Have Compassion for YOU!, Reverse Gray Hair?, Amazing Grays as Girlfriends.

This blog provides information and support for women suffering from PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Recent posts include Cravings - Could they Point to Deficiencies?, Iodine Deficiency - Cause of PCOS?, Antioxidants Beneficial for PCOS.

Your Finger Nails
The premise behind this blog is that "your fingernails are a window to your health." Learn about women's health issues as they are reflected in fingernails, and get fun information about fashion trends for nails. Some recent posts include White Spots on Nails May Indicate: Trauma, Stress, or Zinc Deficiency, Visibility of Blood Vessels in the Proximal Nailfold is a Biological Marker for Schizophrenia, What Causes Yellow Nails and How to Recognize Yellow Nail Syndrome.

The Postpartum Stress Center
Women who are experiencing prenatal or postpartum depress and anxiety disorders can find a lot of useful information on this blog. Some recent posts include Perfectly Postpartum, Dietary Tips when Depressed, Postpartum Depression and Scary Thoughts.

Boobs and Ovaries
Mrs. Jones is a BRCA1 gene carrier, and her blog shares information about her experiences and her medical treatments. Other women experiencing similar health issues can find a lot of useful information here. Check out Unveil the Revisions Nurse, Bouncy Ball Therapy, It's Been 16 Months.

Perimenopause Therapy
Women who are experiencing perimenopause will find lots of valuable health information on this blog. Some recent posts include Breakfast Smoothie for Healthy Weight Loss, Easy Ways to Help Reduce Stress over the Holidays, Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Research.

Fit After Thirty
"Fit After Thirty is the number one blog for hot moms, fit singles, and women of all shapes and sizes! We are the blog for sexy, real women who want to get in shape and be inspired by other women." Some recent posts include Is Plastic Surgery Right for You?, Share What You Know, Is Coffee Making You Fat?.

Living Smart Girl
This blog focuses on organic nutrition and fitness to help women achieve optimal health. Some recent posts include Indoor Exercises and Motivational Tips, Tighten Your Backside - Deadlift Style, Do I Workout if I am Sore?.

Click 2 Lose Weight
Get lots of information here about healthy eating, fitness, and maintaining overall health. Some recent posts include Six Tips to Ease Stress Improve Relaxation, What is Menopause - Can Food Play a Role?, Do You Suffer from POCD or Chronic Bronchitis?.

Teen Pregnancy Advisor
Get information here about teen pregnancy, including how to talk to young girls about pregnancy to prevent it. Other posts help teenagers who are pregnant find the health information they need. Check out Teen Parenting: Can it Be Okay?, Abstinence Pledges not Doing their Job?, Teen Pregnancy Prevention: Comprehensive Sex Ed.

Women's Health Base
This blog takes a look at women, the world and the Web, with an emphasis on women's health issues. Check out Nuvaring Availability a 'Postcode Lottery', Experts Back HPV Test for Cervical Smears, 10 Reasons You Should Have the HPV Vaccine.

The WellAlarm Blog
Read about topics including preventive healthcare, family medicine, managing chronic illness, and more at this blog. Though the blog has not been updated in some time, there are still lots of useful posts available in the archives. Check out Make Your Gluten-Free Diet Nutritious, Making an Informed Choice about Medication, Managing Your Seasonal Allergies.

Wellness Bites
This blog focuses on how integrative medicine can help promote health and well-being for both men and women. Though the blog has not been updated in some time, there is a lot of useful information in the archives. Check out Bitter Melon May Help Prevent Breast Cancer, Minimal Exercise Thwarts Diabetes, Sleep is Good.

Healthy Aging for Women
This blog offers "information, tips, and techniques to keep you healthy…." as you age. The blog has not been updated in some time, but lots of useful information is still available in the archives. Check out Mental Health First Aid, Women and Heart Disease, Binge Drinking and Baby Boomer Women.

Active Women
"Get out, outfitted and away" with information from this blog about fitness, active gear, travel and health. The blog has not been updated in some time, but there is a lot of useful information in the archives.

Grow, Food, Love
Learn about healthy eating and nutrition from this blog, which offers practical menu suggestions and recipes. There is also information about growing your own healthy food. Blog posts have not been updated in some time, but there are still a lot of great ideas in the archives.

Keep Working Girlfriend
This blog is dedicated to women, work, and chronic illness and autoimmune disease. Get information about managing and treating illness and maintaining health. Blog posts have not been updated in some time, but the archives offer useful information for any woman dealing with a chronic illness. Check out Whatever It Takes to Find Health and Balance, Chronic Illness Helps Us to Think Differently about Work, The Big D for Disclosure.

Hot Flashing Thoughts
This blog provides "a place for baby boomer women and all women in a period of transition." Posts discuss ways to manage menopause, health for older women, and reviews of useful products. The blog is no longer being updated, but there is plenty of useful information in the archives.

Don't Count Your Eggs before You Know the Research
This blog started as a way for a PhD candidate to share the latest research in reproductive epidemiology. Though the blog is no longer being updated, there is a lot of valuable information here for women grappling with infertility. Check out You Make the Call: Using Cell Phones during Pregnancy, Bisphenol-A: What's the Deal?, Brainchild: Does Mommyhood Make You Smarter?.

Health Care School Spotlight