Careers in Health X-Ray and Ultrasound Resources

Thinking of pursuing a job in radiology or radiography? These careers in healthcare are expected to see substantial growth in the next decade due to the aging baby boomer population and new developments in medicine. But before you decide to enter a program, consider getting the inside scoop on what it’s like to be involved in this profession. Here are some resources to get you started.

Radiology Today
This blog is a companion to the print edition of Radiology Today, and it provides news and commentary on developments and research in the industry. Some recent posts include What's the Future of Healthcare Reform?, CT Screening for Lung Cancer, Appropriate, Safe, and Advantageous for Radiology.

Aunt Minnie
This comprehensive blog has articles, webinars, forums, job postings and more. You'll have to sign up to become a member to access content, but membership is free and the site has enough useful information to make it worthwhile.

Topics in Radiography
Jeremy is a full-time lead technologist and an adjust professor in radiography. His blog discusses topics relevant to the study and the practice of radiography. Some recent posts include MIC-KEY Gastronomy Tube Kit – Package Opening and Content Discussed, Opaque Rib Views: Which Views Should be Performed and Why?, Interpersonal Communication: A Missing Necessity.

Sumer’s Radiology Suite
This blog touts itself as “one of the first movers in the world of Rad-blogging.” Posts discuss case studies, teaching points, and new research. Some recent posts include Tracheal Diverticulum – CT, Never Conclude Fractures on One Projection, Opercular Syndrome – MRI.

Juney’s World: Days in the Life of a CT Technologist
June is a full-time CT technologist working in Florida, and her blog shares her experiences in a trauma center. Some recent posts include Emesis, My Nemesis, Learning How to Teach, Outpatients.

Radiography Review
This site offers many short lessons of the day, as well as answers to some common radiology questions, for students studying to become medical imaging technologists, or just for professionals looking to refresh their basic knowledge.

Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic MRI
Here you’ll find in-depth discussions of case studies and radiology lessons from two radiologists and some MRI technologists. Some recent posts include Expectations, Perceptions, and a Shoulder Fracture, Mixed Martial Arts and a Chest Injury, Stairs and a Tendon Tear.

Radiology Workers
Here you’ll find discussions about the world of radiology, including ultrasound, MRI, sonography, and nuclear medicine. Some recent posts include Help with Chronic Dental Pain?, MRI-Guided Ultrasound Therapy for Fibroids?, Won’t Doctors be Out of Work in the Next 20 Years Because of Technology?.

Student Radiographer – Lost Sock
Here you’ll find “a diary of student life from the "older persons" perspective, observations on human nature and hopefully some wit and wisdom from paths that cross in this exciting new journey.” Some recent posts include They Think It’s All Over…It Is Now!, I’ve Started so I’ll Finish, Mixed Feelings…Good and Bad.

The Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Medicine Podcast
This podcast covers topics of interest for those practice nuclear and molecular medicine. Most editions include an audio and a video version, and all are accompanied by show notes. Some recent episodes include Dr. Gordon DePuey Choosing Reconstruction clinical perspective, Mummies with Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiac Image Fusion with Dr. Kaufmann.

Sonographer’s Blog
This blog shares “the ruminations and musing of a diagnostic medical sonographer.” Some recent posts include Ultrasound and Evolution: A Personal Retrospective, Ultrasound Replaces CT as First Choice, Hospital Medicine Probes the Use of Ultrasound.

This community blog features posts about all topics of interest to radiologists. Some recent posts include Radiologic Technologists Face a Very Tough Job Market, Foreign Body in Eye – Accidental Impalement with Pair of Shears in Eye, Teleradiology – Love or Hate?.

Radiology 101
Hariette is a registered radiologic technologist who teaches radiology to aspiring technicians. Her blog explores issues of practice, education, and current developments.

Read all about the latest in medical technology on this blog. Although the blog covers many branches of medicine, radiology is often featured, and there is a special section of the blog devoted to radiology and the varied technicians that practice it.

Dalai’s PACS Blog
This blog explores issues relevant to PACS and radiology. Some recent posts include Denoising CT, Oh, SPECT/CT Visitors, Dalai’s First Law Strikes Again!.

Radiology Picture of the Day
This blog promises to showcase a new medical image daily, with a brief description. Though the pictures may not come daily, there is plenty of useful information here for both practicing radiologists and students.

This blog features the "random ramblings of a mom, wife, x-ray tech, and wannabe artist." Posts share her experiences trying to juggle going back to school, working, and caring for her family.

PACS World
This blog is designed for radiology network administrators, and it discusses research, technology and other developments in the field. Some recent posts include Kinect Augmented Reality CT Overlay, Kinect & Osirix, Microsoft Kinect and PACS?.

The PACS Man Pontificates
This blog explores "The trials and tribulations of a middle-aged PACS consultant, father, and garage sale junkie as he engages in his never-ending search for sanity in an insane world." Some recent posts include Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti, You Can't Fix Stupid, Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves.

Radiology Art
"Physician and artist Satre Stuelke founded the Radiology Art project to explore the hidden contents and structures of everyday things. This project intends to make it easier for patients to relate to some of the radiology procedures they experience during their medical care through deeper visualization of various objects that hold unique cultural importance in contemporary society." Posts show x-ray images of everyday objects, which are then colored for unique photos.

Scan Man's Notes
Scan man is Vijay Sadasivam, a radiologist in India, who shares his personal thoughts on radiology and the health-care industry on this blog. Some recent posts include A Parable of Rigidity, Biomedical Imaging Fellowship Opportunity, LITFL: Ten Commandments of Emergency Radiology.

MRI Links and Other Cool Things
This blog is about more than just links: Posts explore discussions about developments and procedures in the industry. Some recent posts include MRI and Von Hippel-Lindau Disease, GE' 3T MRI Scanner MR750, The New Eovist Liver Lesion Library.

David Clunie's Blog
Here you'll find in-depth discussions about advancements and treatments in radiology, as well as industry developments. Some recent posts include Framing the Big Study Problem, Dose Matters, Imaging and the PCAST Report.

Radiological Heterodoxy
Paul McCoubrie is a radiologist, and his blog offers "a different view on the world of radiology." He explains, "I like to critically reflect on all things radiological. This blog is to pass on snippets of insight I have gained through these reflections." Some recent posts include Reflection on Reflection, MDTs and the Bourgeois, On Being Ordered.

Radiological Dream
This Spanish blog explores topics in radiology, treatment methods, and industry developments. If you can't read Spanish, a simple text translator is available online. Some recent posts include Tecnicas de Diagnostico por la Imagen Aplicadas a la Medicina, Cientificos Constatan y Visualizan por Primera Vez la Ubicacion Exacta del Placer Femenino, Pruebas de Imagen para el Diagnostico y Radiacion.

Xray Vision
Get insights from a working tech about the radiology industry. Some popular posts include Image This!, Metastatic Pink, Hope Highway.

The Radiology Assistant
"The Radiology Assistant is the educational web site of the Radiological Society of the Netherlands. We focus on common radiological issues in a problem oriented way for radiology residents and radiologists." Posts are categorized by body part and topic of interest for easy reference.

Veterinary Radiology
"Veterinary Radiology is a site aimed to provide primary and continuing education on veterinary radiology" for both students and clinicians. Some recent posts include 2-year-old Long-Haired Chihuahua Mix, 9-Year-Old Siamese, 6-Year-Old Labrador Retriever.

Read about case studies and topics of interest to the field of ultrasound. Some recent posts include Cerebral Edema in Neonates, Twinkle (Color Doppler) Artifacts in Urinary Calculi, Ultrasound Study of Gastric Band.

MRI Blog
Limpeter has been working as a technologist in medical imaging since the early '80s. "Throughout this blog, assorted topics, mostly relating to the clinical applications of MRI will be covered." Some recent posts include Colombini MRI Case: Root Cause Analysis, Susceptibility Weighted Imaging, Magnetic Susceptibility Artifact.

Stan's NMR Blog
Read all about the NMR industry, developments, and hardware. Some recent posts include Automatic Structure Verification, Educating NMR Educators, Am I Drilling a Hole in the Middle?.

Ultrasound Imaging
Posts on this blog present case studies and discuss different treatment methods. Some recent posts include Sonographic Differentiation of Some Common Renal Masses, Sonography of Angiomyolipoma, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia - Perils and Pitfalls.

Digital Pathology Blog
This blog bills itself as "an educational and informative weblog about the digital pathology community." Some recent posts include Virchow Pathology Collection May Soon be Closed to Public, Indica Labs Release Advanced Software for Metabolic Research, What Are the Main Benefits of Medical Software?.

First Peek Ultrasound Blog
This is a 3D ultrasound blog from a blogger working in the Chicago area. Some recent posts include Am I Pregnant? False Positive and Negative Pregnancy Test Results, Can I Get a 3D Ultrasound While on Bedrest?, Trisdesonographophobia - Abnormal Fear of 3D Ultrasounds.

Digital X-Rays
This blog features the day's news and events as related to the field of digital x-rays. Some recent posts include The Mobile Chiropractic Practice Includes Digital X-Ray, Veterinary Digital X-Ray: What You Need to Know, Imixradstation, a New Digital Radiography Solution.

The Daily Scan
This blog presents "Aperio's daily news and views about digital pathology." Some recent posts include Indica Labs Release Pancreatic Tissue Analysis Software, Public Solves Protein Structure - Using Online Gaming Techniques, Surgeons Make Cancer Cells Fluoresce for Removal.

Ultrasound and Color Doppler Videos
The name of this blog says it all -- here you'll find lots of videos and discussions about ultrasounds and color dopplers. Some recent posts include Sonography of Wharton Duct Calculus, Color Doppler Imaging of the Uterine Artery, Retained Placenta.

Brian Gill's Ultrasound Machine Reviews, News, and Advice
"Industry expert Brian Gill brings his quirky style and expertise to diagnostic ultrasound machines. He offers free tips and news on diagnostic ultrasound equipment and industry news." Some popular posts include Ultrasound Reviews, How Good is the Voluson e8?, Mindray DC-7 Ultrasound Review.

Americans for Responsible Imaging
This blog is "brought to you by ARI, Americans for Responsible Imaging, a coalition of doctors and patients trying to preserve the American Healthcare system." Blog posts are sporadic, but there are many useful and interesting posts in the archives.

Radiology Bulletin
The library staff at East Cheshire NHS Trust authors this blog, which includes information from the latest volume of the BJR. Archives are extensive, so this blog is a great resource for any professionals looking to do more research.

Obstetric Ultrasound
This helpful blog offers all kinds of information about ultrasound technology, including its safety and effectiveness. There are also links to other resources on the web, both for practicing professionals and for patients.

The Radiology Blog
This blog offers " Information on radiology education, radiology training, and radiology jobs." Some recent posts include Accredited U.S. Diagnostic Radiology Residency Programs 2011, Radiologist Salary Levels Affected by Medicare Changes?, Radiology's Growing Role in Psychiatry.

Radicalogy Radiology
This blog is " jam-packed with useful tidbits about medical radiology and healthcare in general. Learn all sorts of tips and find answers to your health-related questions here." Some recent posts include 40+ Intriguing Online Galleries of X-Rays, Ultrasounds and More, Everything You Need to Know about the Radiology Technician Career, 7 Facts You Never Knew about Radiology Technology.

Advance Blogs
This site compiles a number of blogs relevant to the medical community, including a focus on medical imaging. Post offer in-depth discussions about treatments and developments, as well as industry trends.

Indulge in the Fascinating World of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
Get entertaining and educational news and discussions from this thorough blog. Recent posts include Top 10 Trends in Mobile Medical Technology, Radiology Teaching Files App Fully Optimized for iPad, Seldinger Technique: Flash Animation.

Radiology Articles
This blog offers a variety of medical imaging articles and advice for professionals. Recent posts include How Difficult is the Training and Education to Become an MRI Tech?, What Kind of Job Does a Nuclear Medicine Technologist Do?, What is the Difference Between a Sonograph and an Ultrasound?.

MRI Metal Detector Blog
This blog offers information on "ferromagnetic detection and MRI safety and screening." Recent posts include MRI Safety, Per ACR Accreditation Standards, PLEASE Don't Call it the 'MRI Safe' Pacemaker..., MRI Safety Resolution.

Rad Files
This blog explains, "Each post is a different clinical case. The intention is to discuss the cases in the comments." Some recent posts include Motor Vehicle Accident, Young Men, 33 Years Old Female.

Radiology Students
This blog offers an online dictionary of radiologic terms and abbreviations. It is a fantastic resource for students and professionals alike!

First Trimester Ultrasound Sonogram
Ultrasound scans are shown week-by-week during the first trimester of pregnancy. Though the site is targeted to pregnant women, the scans and explanations are detailed enough to offer insights for students and working ultrasound technicians.

Here you'll find photos and reflections on several topics, including radiology and medical imaging. Many photos are accompanied by personal essays or other commentary.

Imagenes Medicas
You'll have to use a translator tool to read this Web site, unless you're up on your Spanish. Either way, you'll gain access to lots of useful and interesting articles about radiology and medical imaging. Some recent posts include No Me Irradies!, Cancer de Mama, Interesante Articulo en Radiology Degree, Curso Internacional Estado del Arte en Tecnologia Radiologica.

Radiology Schools
" The mission of is to provide a trustworthy and comprehensive informational "hub" for existing health care & radiology professionals, recent graduates, and those thinking about getting started in the profession to understand the many educational and career options." Some recent posts include PET/CT Scans and Cancer, X-Ray Safety for Patients and Medical Imaging Workers, New Year's Resolutions - How About a Career in Medical Imaging?.

OB/GYN Access
This blog talks about topics of interest to the field of obstetrics and gynecology, including ultrasound and medical imaging. Some recent posts related to ultrasound technology include Interventional Ultrasound in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and the Breast, Doppler Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Desert Valley Radiology Blog
The staff at Desert Valley Radiology maintain this blog, which shares news and relevant discussions about radiology and medical imaging. Some recent posts include First Fluorescence-Guided Ovarian Cancer Surgery, New Nanostructured Glass Designed for Imaging and Recording, Near-Infrared Imaging System Used as Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostic.

Portable Ultrasound Solution Blog
This blog brought to you by E.I. Medical Imaging talks about items of interest to veterinary imaging. Posts include discussions about news, trends and developments in the industry. Some recent posts include A Bovine Vet Talks about the IBEX Portable Ultrasound?, IBEX Ultrasound: Scan a Bovine Umbilical Abscess, Dairy Producers Rely on Ultrasound to Increase Bovine Conception.

Medical Imaging Blog
This comprehensive blog offers discussions and analysis of treatments and developments in the field of medical imaging. Some popular posts include Deep Roots: The History of Medical Imaging, Recent Advancements in Radiology, Top 5 Benefits of a Picture Archiving and Communication System.

Biodex Medical Imaging Blog
Biodex presents a new blog that hosts discussions about medical imaging. Newest posts include The Role of the C-Arm Table, Evolution of the Ultrasound Table.

StatRead Medical Imaging and Radiology Blog
This blog from the ImagingBiz team offers links to relevant news articles, offers analysis of industry trends, and encourages discussions about medical imaging. Some recent posts include Cypher’s Demise Casts a Long Shadow, Don’t Shoot Holes in Your Physician Liaison’s Marketing Efforts, The Numbers Game.

DotMed News
Here you’ll find news stories of the day related to the health-care industry, including stories that pertain to radiology and medical imaging.

Imaging in Focus
This blog from the Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance explores topics of interest to the field of medical imaging. Some recent posts include Stop Cutting Imaging!, MRI Improves Understanding of ALS, Mammography Essential to Breast Cancer Detection.

Medical Imaging and Healthcare IT Blog
This extensive blog talks about news and developments in the field of medical imaging. Some recent posts include Has Your Wife and Dentist Told You that You Gnash Your Teeth at Night, New Views on the Horizon, Radiology Sets Sights on Next Decade.

Block Imaging
This blog focuses on refurbished medical imaging technology and its benefits. Some recent posts include INCOTERMS Explained for Buyers and Sellers of Imaging Equipment, Your OEC C-Arm Laser Probably Isn’t Broken, My Hospital Just Bought an Imaging Center…What the Heck Am I Supposed to Do Now?.

Clario Medical
This new blog from Clario Medical hosts discussions about medical imaging treatments, developments, and news. Some recent posts include News From a Successful RSNA, zVision for Private Practice, Tradition vs. Innovation.

ERS Blog
This engineering blog has a subfocus on medical imaging, with posts that discuss technological developments and their uses. Some recent imaging-related posts include 3D Object Tracking, All Pervasive Imaging, 3D Display Systems for Medical Imaging.

This blog from the Veterinary Imaging Center of San Diego discusses treatments and developments in medical imaging for animals, as well as news and current events at the center.

Matt’s PACS Blog
Here you’ll find “ramblings about PACS, applications I am writing, and miscellaneous irrelevant topics.” Some recent posts include Bad Idea Jeans, Bad Idea Jeans – Part II, HITECH Act Proposed Rule Calling for On Demand All Records of Everyone.

University of Ottawa NMR Facility Blog
This is “a blog for the NMR users at the University of Ottawa and all others interested in NMR spectroscopy.” Some recent posts include Probe Tuning and 90 Degree Pulses, Resolution During a Liquid Helium Refill, Nitrogen Pressure and Spectral Resolution.

The Resonance
This new blog promises to be “the first word in magnetic resonance news.” Some recent posts include The Inside Scoop at EUROMAR 2011, Extending Solid-State MAS-DNP NMR Applications to New Systems and Nuclei.

NMR Software
What I really wanted to do was to read a review on NMR software. I have been waiting for more than a decade; never seen a web review. During this prolonged period the things I wanted to read have increased up to the point that I am now able to write the reviews by myself, and much more. I will explain why NMR software is the most useful of all softwares, why nobody really cares about it, how you can use it, how you can get desperate with it, how you can write your own and why.” Some recent posts include Changes, The Pleasure of Writing the Truth, Glassy Contours.

NMR Analysis
This blog supported by Mestrelab Research explores processing, prediction and verification. Some recent posts include The Bumpy Road Towards ASV, Intelligent Peak Picking of 1D NMR Spectra, Hexacyclinol – NMR Spectra vs. Plain Images.

Solid-State NMR Literature Blog
This is the literature blog for Rob Schurko's Solid-State NMR group at the University of Windsor. The blog shares the latest in NMR research and news.

Read all about the latest in NMR technology on this blog. Some recent posts include Tricks in High Frequency Surface Coils, Show Me the Data, Non-Medical MRI, or MRI of Your Lunch.

Ryan’s Blog on NMR Software
Read all about NMR technology and software on this extensive blog. Some recent posts include Are We There Yet? Automated Structure Verification, Is There Hope for Fully Automated Structure Elucidation?, The Realities of NMR in the New(ish) Discovery Environment.

Philosophy to Chemistry to Elucidation
This is “a science blog on the process of structure elucidation using NMR, MS, UV/vis, IR, GC/LC, pXRD, etc.” Many discussions include logic puzzles with scientific calculations.

Process NMR Associates
Read all about NMR technology and treatment uses on this blog. Some recent posts include RSC Symposium on Reaction Monitoring by NMR and Vibrational Spectroscopy, ASTM F2259-03 (2008) – Determining the Chemical Composition of Alginates by 1H NMR Spectroscopy, The Role of NMR in FDA Mandated Identity Testing of Nutritional Supplements.

University of Toronto CSICOMP NMR Blog
Students and practicing professionals alike will find lots of useful information on this blog. Some recent posts include Vnmr J 3.2, NMR 101, Vnmr J Experiment Guide.

American Journal of Neuroradiology
This is the official blog of the American Journal of Neuroradiology. The posts cover extensive information about the latest research and treatments. Many posts also offer slideshows of educational presentations created by the Journal.

This extensive site features cases, lectures, journal articles, studies and much, much more. This is a great resource for both students and working professionals.

Misadventures of a Wandering Radiologist
This is the blog of a radiologist who recently moved to India, and it shares reflections of life on the job and off. Updates are sporadic, but there are plenty of posts to give you insight into the world of a radiologist.

Architecture for Radiology
The design of radiology units can make a big impact on practice. This blog discusses the latest trends and developments in the world of radiology architecture.

The Radiology Portal
This blog is “a resource portal page for radiologic technologists, radiologists, and radiology students.” Dave is a lead CT tech at a hospital in Ohio, and he hopes that his blog will help foster communication among radiology professionals. Posts are sporadic, but the blog offers some good topics of discussion and links to other resources.

Not Totally Rad
This blog promises to shed “invisible light on medical imaging.” The Samurai Radiologist has over 20 years’ experience as a diagnostic radiologist, and this blog shares his reflections about work and life. The blog has not been updated in some time, but there are still many of useful posts in the archives.

Divergent Rays
This is the blog of an x-ray technician working at an urgent care clinic and studying for a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Diagnostic Medical Imaging and Therapy. Though the blog has not been updated in some time, there are still interesting posts in the archives about the life of an x-ray tech. Check out 21 Realistic X-Rays and Skeletons, Dinosaur, Dazzle Markers.

X-Ray Stories
“Author and medical professional Timothy Kerr entertains ideas about the changing field of Radiography and talks about the stories he's written.” Some recent posts include Secrets of Shooting Student Videos in Radiologic Technology, Sink or Swim?, Grand Tour.

This blog promises "an intoxicating look at the PACS industry." Though the blog has officially declared the end of new posts, there are still many useful posts in the archive that provide a glimpse into the world of medical imaging.

Mountain Imaging
Dustin is an x-ray technician in Arizona, and he has shared his journey from student to working tech on his blog. The blog has since fallen out of regular updates, but the archives still offer some valuable insights into the life of a student and working x-ray technician.

X-Ray Technician Blog
This blog covers a range of topics, including information on x-ray technician training, jobs, and salaries. Students and working technicians alike can find useful information through the archives that date back to 2008.

Delusional Radiology
"This site has been established by papa bear, for the means of properly educating people about medical radiology. too many people have looked at getting into the radiology field, and many times looked within the field for advancement, and received incorrect or inaccurate information. This is one of my ways of helping people in the field achieve what they want to achieve, in the correct manner." Posts are no longer being updated, but there is still plenty of great information in the archives.

X-Ray Rocks
This is the blog of a radiologic technologist trying to "survive the cutthroat world of medicine." Posts share day-to-day experiences and reflections on work in the health-care industry. There are also many pictures of actual scans. Posts have not been updated in some time, but there is still plenty to read in the archives.

Out of Focus
This is the diary of a student radiographer. Lisa started this blog as a student in the U.K. with the hopes of following along through her first day on the job and beyond. The blog ended when she graduated, but the archives still provide helpful information for other radiology students or those interested in learning how to get started in the field.

RT Wannabe
Here's another blog from a student in x-ray school. This blog has stopped updating, as well, but the posts reveal glimpses into the life of a radiology student and what the work load and training are like.

X-Ray Student 101
This is "a blog for those contemplating a career in medical imaging." Follow along with Dan as he navigates the sometimes tough world of student life as an aspiring radiologist.

This blogger explains, "I blogged my way through Radiography school with the exception of the last semester. I was so snowed under with work and school that I simply didn't have time to mess with my student blog at all during the last semester. Now that I have graduated, I decided to start this new blog which will chronicle my thoughts and experiences as a radiographer." Recent posts include Histal Hernia, Keeping Up With the Markers, Scrubs Again.

Mid Essex Ray
Peng Hui Lee writes this blog from the U.K., which explores topics of interest to the field of radiology, including news, treatments techniques, and industry developments. The blog has not been updated for awhile, but there are several years of archives with useful information.

A Ferret's Eye View of PACS and Life
This is the blog of an x-ray tech turned PACS administrator. In it you will find "The occasional ramblings about PACS and Life as seen through my eyes. Here you will find posts ranging from what is happening in the PACS and Radiology world to what annoyed me on my ride into work that day."

Nuclear Vision
This is "a Blog about radiology, nuclear medicine, and whatever else I think of...." Posts go back several years, though the blog has not been updated in some time.

Spot Diagnosis
This blog offers "radiology images, cases, quizzes and other relevant radiology information ." Practicising professionals and students alike will find lots of useful information in the archives, which go back several years.

Health Care School Spotlight